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by Jennyj
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PART 1, LESSON #2: Sunshine Class--Jennyj
This is an unofficial retelling of my favorite fables!!


BROWN: Exposition
ORANGE: Rising Action
GREEN: Climax
RED: Falling Action
BLUE: Conclusion


Once upon a time, there was a very poor village in my land. The people all worked very hard, but had little money and not enough to eat. On the very outskirts of the town lived a very small, very poor family. Thor was the father, Tilly was the mother, and Magrid was their only child. They called little Magrid "Maggie" for short, The family was so poor that little Maggie only had two dresses; one for school and one for church. Once each year, Maggie received a new dress for her birthday. At that time, her old school dress was made into something useful for the family, her old church dress became her school dress, and the new dress became her church dress! Maggie had her own ideas about helping the townspeople survive through the food shortage. She wanted to host a dinner for everyone to come to, for them to be able to eat until they were full and happy. She had heard a fairy tale at school about a little girl just like herself who had such a party, and asked everyone to bring whatever they could for the soup pot. She would do just as the little girl did, and start the soup with a simple stone that she had in her pocket and the grown-ups would each add what they could. Putting the stone in the soup and stirring the soup would start the magic and the soup would grow and grow. She found the biggest pot she could; it was the family bath-tub. She and Tilly, her mother, scrubbed it out as well as they could, and then ,helped Thor drag it to the town center, to the site of the annual Christmas bonfire. There, they set the water on to boil and waited for the first guests to appear. Soon, the townspeople began to show up with their offerings. Some brought potatoes, some a few carrots, and still others a handful of turnips or onions. Old Widow Bennett even brought a large ham from her recent hog butchering. Luckily, Maggie had asked everyone to bring towels to sit on, their own dishes to eat from, utensils to eat with and to use to serve the soup. Thus, they were able to cut up the vegetables and ham for the soup. While the people waited for the boiling soup to finish cooking, they all talked and compared stories of how each was coping with the famine and hard times. The soup turned out to be thick and delicious, with left-overs for everyone! Everyone was warm and full and happy. Some people had seen old friends and had met new ones. Little kids taught eacg other new games. The town preacher preached an impromptu message about helpfulness and caring. The dinner turned out just as Maggie had hoped: food and smiles for all! When they cleaned out the pan, no one thought about the stone. .
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