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How would you prefer to die?
she wants to die in her sleep

not of starvation—
days to wring out life in bitter trickles
endless knot-fisted hours of regretting
that she didn't say yes
more often

not in a plane crash—
fifteen hovering minutes
to reconsider the road more traveled
before smacking the ocean's face

not even by tripping
into an open elevator shaft—
mere seconds to reflect
on graceful free-fall flight
through darkness

she wants to doze in and out
play peek-a-boo with eternity
until she wakes and stretches
wide-eyed behind the curtain

Contest/publish records:
UTSPS 2010, Cat. 18, Spec. Recognition
Redrock Writers Contest 2012, Cholla Division, 2nd place (cash prize)
Chaparral Poetry Forum chapbook 2012, Vol. 1 No. 10, p. 7
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