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by Shaara
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Introducing Leanne, a girl with problems of an incendiary nature.
Post a message to the forum introducing yourself and the genre your characters are from. If there is something specific you are hoping to get from the workshop or have questions, please tell me.

Your intro message should also include the item numbers for your Character Image and Character Folder, and a one-sentence description of your character.

Hello, Forum! My name is Shaara and I usually write science fiction, but I started a non-sci/fi story for my master's program that is current fiction. It deals with a girl who starts fires and is under the care of a psychiatrist.

Reader, meet Leanne.

Leanne appears to be an ordinary self-assured teenager,
but, be careful for not everything is as it seems; this girl loves fire -- the sight, the smell, the sound, and the power of raw, wild flames.

Character Folder: Character Name  (ASR)
This is for a novel I'm writing, but it has nothing to do with NaNo.
#1569064 by Shaara
is my folder: item # 1569064

My character's picture is
Leanne, for a novel or image #1569120


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