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My opinion on credit card evaluation for worthiness.
Once I loved hearing the mail truck approach bringing surprises in envelopes. Some contained good news, some silly sales, some encouraging thoughts, some news from friends and relatives, and then came the day contents of one placed me in a sticky situation without compare.

One, two, three, then some more...statements from credit card companies I had no card with began arriving. Rephrase that thought, I had no knowledge I had a card with.

It seems the husband I had so dearly loved had defected with his new female partner. Before their departure, using my personal information, they had applied for and received credit cards in my name and were off for a wild and wonderful ride. As wild and wonderful as it was for them, it was wrong and warped for me.

After what seemed to be hundreds of phone calls later the credit card companies were sure I was only attempting to dodge paying perfectly valid statements.

I was angry, hurt, scared and a myriad of other emotions in one. No amount of verbally explaining phased the credit card representatives. No amount of written pleas, answers, or comments swayed their decision to require me to pay the thousands, yes thousands, of dollars owed to them.

The cards had been obtained via Internet. My husband had access to any and all knowledge needed to obtain the credit cards. He worked as an extradition agent traveling across the nation. He had forethought enough to time the arrival of cards applied for with his time at home. How anyone could have been lucky enough to do this with four separate cards I'll never understand, but that is exactly how it happened.

He and his female partner decided to abscond together leaving me high and dry-unless you count the tears I shed then I was low and drowned.

At any rate the next five years slowly rolled along with no success on my part to prove to the credit card companies I never applied or used the cards. I had to pay them off and had my credit rating reduced to a shambles due to late payments over the years.

You see there is more to the story than already told. I was bedridden with cancer, recuperating from three major surgeries when this saga began. When my husband and his new love left, I had no job, no income of any kind when he left.

He did not give me any indication he was in the process of disappearing. I did not know where he was, whether he was dead or alive for months. His mother finally let me know he was alive and well, but refused to give an address. Every attempt at finding him failed.

I had to wait a full year before I could file for a divorce based on abandonment. I got a job several months later with a low income, but at least it was income. Would this sticky credit card bubble I was stuck in pop now?

Oh, it popped alright. I was and am like a freshly chewed wad of bubble gum lying on the counter. No one wants to touch it. Even a copy of my divorce papers proving I was abandoned did not relieve me of the burden of the huge credit card bills or the bad credit rating due to late payments at a time I barely had income to exist off of.

There was no way to prove whether I applied or my husband did. Webster defines bubble as a plausible scheme that proves worthless. My efforts to show my innocence in owing the accounts was futile. What a bubble I was caught in and remain constrained by even today.

My personal opinion is I should not have been held responsible for anothers misdeed. While the world of Internet and credit cards for convenience are a wonderful thing in many cases, they are a mixed blessing. In my case, they were a curse causing me to be forced into losing my home and having such a bad mark on my credit rating I have lived in a travel trailer for five long years with no hope of ever raising my credit rating. As I stated above no one wants to touch me.

I have two good jobs now with a decent income that would allow me to make house payments, but with my history wrongly recorded it is impossible to build a good rating again. I cannot obtain a(ONE) credit card for emergency situations or convience. I am a marked woman with the sticky residue of my popped credit card bubble soundly adhered to my financial records.

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