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Disturbing Imagery
All this regret, now afraid of death.

Expressing demeanor, you follow your leader.

A system of social status ranking, worth your thanking.

Segregate acumen, succumb detrimental hiatus.

Awaiting aggressive retaliation.

Nothing, nowhere, no one.

Currently currency committed commuted complacent conductivity.

Gradually adjudicate, lavishly prodigal.

Regarding mediocrity, self imposed reality.

Disturbing imagery, construed deductively.

Learning to love once more, reluctant to open that door.

Receptive to all, still learning to fall.

Your ignorance for remembrance, my vision is treacherous.

Slippery when wet, we're put to the test.

Dying with honor, were slowly devoured.

Wasted time on us, she smiles, I find trust.

Her power over me, casting defenseless remedy.

Entertaining behaviour, still in search of our saviour.

Claiming inspiration from logic and reason, now facing opposite direction.

Afraid to achieve, I am still in need.

Secluded ambience, shivering defiance.

Comfortably twitching without revision.

Trying so hard, just to fit in.
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