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My views on Merlin, the TV Show and Merlin in general.
Merlin. I love the new TV Show Merlin. There are things that they do differently then according to the stories I have read. I will be talking about Merlin and I hope you will enjoy reading them.

Merlin and Arthur are young kids in this series in their teens. They are nice looking young men. Guinevere lives at the castle and is a servant girl to Morgana, a ward of King Luther. King Luther is Arthur's father. He can be nice at times and yet he is stern and stubborn. I don't always like him but sometimes I see a sentimental side of side. He is so rough on Arthur. He even put the young Prince in the dungeon for disobeying him. Luther told Arthur how much he meant to him and loved him. This surprised Arthur. This made me see Luther in a different light. Luther hates magic of any kind and if he finds out about Merlin being a magician in training, I hope Merlin isn't sentenced to death. Which is strange. If a magician or witch has magical powers, he or she can use magic or the dreaded witchcraft to get out of their execution.

Morgana is Arthur's sister in the writings of the past but not in this series. Morgana is beautiful, likes Arthur and Arthur likes her but they won't admit their feelings to each other. Luther has taken her in and she is like a daughter to Luther. I would like to see Arthur and Morgana as a couple. Maybe I will write my own romance about them. Gwen and Merlin like each other. Gwen is a pretty young black woman and she is Morgana's servant. Arthur, Merlin and Morgana went against the King to protect a child whose father was executed because of magic. The dragon warned Merlin the young child will grow up and hurt Arthur someday. I wondered who this child was. At the young of the episode, the child said his name was MORDRED. Oh my! Imagine my surprise! Why didn't I figure this out? Mordred killed Arthur in the other stories! I was not happy with this.This part did stick to the original stories.

The dragon. I love the dragon. Merlin goes to the underground cave to talk to the dragon who offers advice and wisdom. The dragon is a big brown. gold beautiful dragon who is chained up and flies around. I don't like the dragon being chained up. Unchain him and let him fly. Merlin is the only one who goes to see the dragon.

The sword in the stone. A sorcesess released a dark knight from the dead who was evil and out for revenge against King Luther. The Dark Knight killed 2 knights in duels and Arthur was going to fight him. Merlin worried about his friend and had Gwen's father, the blacksmith make a sword and the dragon blew fire on it and it was magical. Luther wouldn't let Arthur fight the Dark Knight. Arthur was drugged by the magician Guyse, Merlin's mentor. Arthur was locked in his room and Luther fought the Dark Knight with the sword and destroyed the Dark Knight. When Merlin told the dragon, the dragon was mad and said Merlin must get rid of the sword and Merlin threw it in the lake. The sword was in a giant stone in Avalon according to the original stories. I was disappointed in this but maybe the sword will end up in a giant stone, yet. Fairies of Avalon were in an earlier episode so maybe they will find it and take it to Avalon. Arthur was mad that he didn't get to fight the Dark Knight but his father told him how much he loved him that Arthur was no longer mad at his father. Luther and Arthur didn't know that the sword was magic and that a dragon had made it that way. The sorcesess is beautiful and Merlin met her and almost fell into her trap. Luckily, he found out what she was. The sorcesess lives underground somewhere and is doing evil magic against Luther and the kingdom.

Lancelot was in an episode but he was going to be a Knight but he and Arthur didn't see eye to eye but Lancelot rescued Arthur from an evil ugly creature{with Merlin's magic!}. Lancelot and Arthur parted as friends but I hope they bring him back for later stories.I would like for him and Morgana to be lovers and see Arthur get jealous. I can't help but wonder if Morgana should be with Arthur or Lancelot.

I love this series. I can't wait to watch more. Hopefully, I will be writing more stories of Camelot here. Like Arthur and Morgana or Morgana and Lancelot. I will definitely unchain the dragon. Okay. Food for thought. Thanks for reading. Be sure to watch Merlin 7:00/8:00 PM on Channel 16 on Sunday nights.

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