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Guide for better understanding of faith values and attitudes.
Values of the True Christian (studies 2008)

Galatians 5:19-23
Works of the Flesh
Outbursts of fury
Acts of selfishness
Group organized for an evil purpose
Occasions for envy
Drinking bouts
Group sex
Commotions within groups
Acting in a morally unrestrained manner

Works of the Spirit
Against these there is no law.

Corinthians 13: 4-8a

Not Love:
Quick tempered
Praise mistakes

Good at listening
Bears all things


Definitions based on the Concordance Passages
Though many will turn from it, don't worry: for even a little faith can spark God's Heart.
Have faith in God who is the Lord Your God, justification and sacrificial atonement.
Woman great faith is possible even beginning with a faith as small as a mustard seed
We come from a nation of hope, a heritage, an ancestry of faithful as we stand firm on the path with knowledge, growth, expression, good conscious and sincerity aligned with the law of faith and the circumcision of the heart.
When in doubt, we were often rebuked, but faith can heal and action follows belief for the motivation of a true son in faith is truths.
In our hearts if we live in good faith with a religious system we find support in a community.
The promise strengthens, and justifies as we are given the armor to protect ourselves because the changes are praiseworthy for the righteous.
Increasing our faith, the holy spirit urges us to practice and serve in loyalty, allegiance, obedience, as we are sanctified in righteousness.
Evangelization is simply being persuasive in the holy or being a great example.

We, the peaceful covenant keepers, are patient in afflictions.
Keeping a promise, we are committed to a few things, for the firstborn faithful witness is wise.
God guards and keeps us; and He will strengthen us through lessons in righteousness that the whole house may be wise
God, the ultimate Priest or Leader, is hardworking taking pride in His Accomplishments a Loving Protector with a consecrated Heart in service of the City.
The true bridegroom and wife are Blessed by the Holy One with Wisdom

Wholeheartedly keeping the law with duties to a community or Church
Hardworking with obedience to the spreading of God's Grace in the land
A Church or Community that relays my words honestly as we give a reaction to each other.
A promise between people or a couple that causes us to act in faithfulness

Saints justify your truth as Love goes hand in hand with faithfulness
We atoned for mistakes and found forgiveness as we maintained the love of many, yet through allegiance he realized keeping my confidences were more important to me than announcing our stories.
My music is a shield that speaks the endurance of salvation as justification reaches up to the skies.
The assembly with a sash around the waist is full of goodness, seeking Justice and Mercy.
Those with uprightness living in righteousness there is a great reward.
Love offers the aide in the form of kindnesses, forgiveness, patience, and goodness
The Law of Love is made compete in the unsolicited presents with no expectation of returns.
The Law of Love is to love one another as God has loved us.
When we love, we serve.

Definition of antonym based on Concordance Passages

A Person or group that is disloyal, hateful, hurtful, full of loathing, expects to fully repaid when not owed, seeks out opportunities for revenge like a bat and a fruit tree, dishonorable, many broken promises, senseless, and heartless.

Other pieces:
broken, or in doubt,
many will turn from faith


Personal definitions: a desire for things hoped for and belief in things that are unseen.
A surity and sense of no doubt
A Positive feeling or desire that remains
A seeking out or fervent search
A emotional response of anticipation or expectation
To trust and rely on as in a relationship

Definitions based on concordance notes:
Old testament:
Hope beyond death of safety and deliverance
Plans inspired by a dream following words
Unfailing love in God
Lord our God's unfailing love
The Lord's inspired deliverance by your words
Without hope, the heart is sick.

New Testament:
Character that demonstrates endurance and joyfulness
Creating fullness of Christ's blessing
The Scriptures message of salvation and eternal life
The unseen that is yet to come
A fullness of Christ's glory as an unswerving anchor
A blessing as a unseen outfit: completeness
The helmet as a symbol of salvation
The symbol of an anchor: in being always unswerving
Faithfulness is being sure of what is hoped for.
(Forgiveness is the big one for Christians)
(Love is considered the great of three values)


Personal Definition: Joyance that escapes my heart in song, rejoice, compliment, Praise, or shows in some way in my facial or body expression; When you have joy you are esthetically happy.

a. A glad feeling of happiness, great pleasure, enjoyment, or delight brought on by something that
gladdens as an expression of the feeling in form of rejoice-ment or merriment occurs because one
is full of joy

Definitions based on concordance notes:

New Testament:
A measure of Presence of the Holy Spirit that fills a heart with peace and ends sorrow.
When the God of Hope comes to you with a Great Mercy because our troubles are known.
To Progress in Faith to be afraid yet full of God's Love which is in itself inexpressible and glorious.
Your Love brings completeness, patience, kindness to the disciples or Faithful.
Because it is great in that city, the complete rejoice and leap for hope in the faultless makes us patient in afflictions.
Thousands of angels are in the assembly, hoping we will raise our voices in prayer

Old Testament:
The Presence brings shouts, praise, singing, exaltation, adoration, gladness and celebration.
In thanksgiving, wisdom comes to the heart that sees and rallies because we have heard.
The heart of the righteous man is one that leaps, in the victories and consolation for he is comforted.
Everlasting Glory filled my heart more with delight in justice and peace from a cheerful look.
The upright in heart and the Saints have had our lives affected and changed because of shouted silence we were found.
The Heavens burst into song as do the House of Prayer in Zion.
There is a loud cry of the angels for salvation to bring an end to sorrow.
Many tongues come as the anointing is brought down and the Faithful are crowned in Glory.
The glad in heart come before Him in celebration because of happiness.
There is a Feast with Singers in God, my Savior, who let the Children See the offering or sacrafice.

...... and the greatest of these is Love. I Corinthians 13: 13b

Personal definitions by type:
Parental instinct
Family ties or bonds
Christian Compassion
friendship, camaraderie, companionship
companionship as a basic starting point for a relationship
Strong affection for object of attraction
trusted person, go-to person, Leadership person
Admired person held in high esteem
Caretaker, helper, or adviser
Pet owner, compassion toward animals

Personal definitions by factors:
the dream
complimentary speech
things in common
support, cooperation
Respect, trust, honor
star struck eyes, or puppy dog looks
rebuilding each other
Acceptance, need, and loyal
surrender and dependence
disagreements, consensuses, and work
commitment or exclusivity
drive or inspiration, amusement
romance, creativity
frozen silent moments
body language
Happiness, Joyfulness
song bird syndrome
Passionate kisses
security, protection
gentleness, tenderness
amusing humor that causes both of you to smile or laugh
Being at home with each other, comfortable
Healing, warmth, balance

Qualities Love requires:
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