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by Jennyj
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A visit from your old boyscout leader!!

NEW PROMPT: Write a short story or poem about someone who answers their front door to find a shadowy figure running away and a black briefcase sitting on their porch. What is in the briefcase, and who was the shadowy figure who left it??


We had a guest come to our door while you were safe at work!
He left a black briefcase behind--he didn't say a word!
The case wiggled suspiciously; I didn't have a clue
why your old troupe head would stop by, still checking up on you!
But then the big case made a sound that I could recognize--
it was stuffed full of kittens! I hugged them with surprise!
I know why your friend hid himself, and why he ran away.
The sight of more kittens tempts me and makes me want to play!!
And, we don't need more kittens, any size or any age.
If I let in another cat, you'll put me in a CAGE!!
So, I returned the kittens; your leader lives next door!
We won't keep ANY kittens--we don't need any MORE!!!
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