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by Jennyj
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Sunrise Bio

Orientation assignment

The first lesson is your participation in orientation. The first assignment requires all of us to introduce ourselves to each other.
Write us a short bio including
the name you prefer we call you when receiving responses in the forums
why you signed up for the class
your future plans & your writing goals
your favorite reading and writing genres
your writing strengths and weaknesses if you have any
Your geographical location
education level and major
age and gender
Rixy and I will start the discussion with our own bios.
We look forward to meeting and getting to know each one of you.

I am jennyj; my full name is Jennifer A. Jenson (my married name is Jennifer J. Cartwright). I will answer to any and alll of the above! I am 50 years old and smiling about it! I signed up for this class originally because I haven't taken a Creative Writing class since 1981. At that time, I was majoring in history. I later graduated from law school, but all the writing in law school doesn't qualify as creative writing. (Law school tries to breed any and all creativity out of the law students; I feel lucky to have escaped with my soul.) (This is my second try at the class; sanity considerations required me to drop it last semester.) I practiced law from 1984 until 2003, when my MS made me too physically disabled to practice. While my MS has been in remission for severa years, I am in a wheelchair and am hopefully learning to walk again. There is a very good reason why most humans don't wait until adulthood to learn to walk. The average beginning walker falls alot; I am now 6 feet tall and learning to walk again is a trip! After you don't stand up for awhile, you literally lose your balance. As is, I can't stand up without balancing against somethingj like a bed or wall or walker. But I am pleasesd with my progress--I am doing self-directed P.T and can now stand myself up. I am trying to stay up for longer periods of time each day..

I currently write poetry every day.. Right now, my husband and I are living with his sister and her grown son, our nephew, at their home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.; the household joke is that all I do all day is eat and write poetry. That's not quite true, but it is close. All I can say is "I'hank God for WDC." I am new in town and right now, my writing is my lifeline. I am beginning to pursue freelance writing jobs; I have been in this situation for seven months and am still working the basic bugs out of my life--it is not going as fast as I would like, but my philosophy is: progress is incremental! My longterm goal is to publish poetry collections and be the poet laureate of the U.S.! I have only just recently gotten access to all of my writing after our move; organizing it into a useful mess will be a long process! But you can't be very happy in a wheelchair unless you are patient and innovative. For me, it is the journey as much as the destination.

I like to write poetry and non-fiction. I like to read poetry, non-fiction, science fiction, memoir and inspirational writing.

I think that one of my biggest weaknesses in my writing process is my computer inexperience. I also tend to ramble. I think a strength is my easy conversational style, and my love to do research on all topics!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1598492-SUNRISE-ORIENTATION-ASSIGNMENT