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by Jennyj
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in which my youngest cat made some new "friends" . . .

NEW PROMPT: My kids got a guinea pig as a pet recently, and sometimes I swear that little guy is thinking about overthrowing the free world. Hmm, maybe it's just me??? On that note, write a short story or poem about a hoard of guinea pigs deciding to attack. Who are they attacking, and why???


"They really look quite friendly--
I really KNOW they are!"
said Tipton-cat, my youngest,
and most naive, by far.,
"It's really not a kitten"
I answered, quick to say!
But Tip was not persuaded,
and asked it in to play!!
It proved to be a guniea pig;
her name was Bonnie Sue.
When she came in, she stared at him
and said just WHAT are YOU?
Poor Tipton then began to cry--
he only had met cats!
This guinea pig was just too much
and looked just like a rat!!!
He tried to throw her out, but then
her Homies came around!
Before young Tipton could protest
they charged without a sound!
I knew I had to fix this mess--
I got a snack to soothe the fuss
and munching, we all sat!!
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