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lesson 3 part 1 and part 2


MYTH: "I will be a lawyer, work for legal aid, and SAVE THE WORLD SINGLE-HANDEDLY!!

REALITY" I inadvertanmtly went to work for one of the snootiest law firms in Memphis because one of the members of my church hired me but didn't bother to tell me it was for a secretarial job; by the time I left them 6 years later, I was accepted by the firm as an attorney (grudgingly), had started a new section of the local bar association, and had made a good name for myself as a real estate attorney. I then opened my own practice and practiced until I became too disabled to be effective for my clients.

EPIPHANY: The fact that I found myself working in an affluent setting where the dollar was more important than humans was my first inkling that I was a fish out of sight of the water! I started out as a wide-eyed idealist, and am still a little bit of one--not as much as I would like; much more than is healthy,!! I did find out, much to my disdmay, that 1) I can't save the world singlehandly; 2) some of the world doesn't WANT to be saved; 3) parts of it that look like they need saving, really don't; 4) some parts that look like they have been saved haven't yet. . .I could go on like this for DAYS. I won't.

I am taking a slightly different twist on this segment: I am going to try to describe my experience of being in a wheelchair and trying to learn to walk again!

I have been in my chair for about 4 years; I was on crutches before ta=hat, but broke my elbow and couldn't do the crutches anymore. If I had known that abandoning them was going to be a permanent thing, I would have thought twice!! My experience has been that once I quit walking, I quit. Noone warned me that would happen! Now, I stand myself up slowly at the side of the bed and count the seconds as they tick off loudly on the wall clock; that is for both strength and balance. I am working at standing myself up at the kitchen sink for similar reasons. There, I can
balance against the sink, and ultimately maech in place for, again, strength. After I get to where I can stand for greater than one trembling minute without losing my breath and seeing stars I will try to march in place and do gentle leg dipsfor-you guessed it! Strength and balance! I have been in physical rehab enough times that I know some great exercises, and make myself do them whenever possible. I have now just STOOD UP at the sink for about 15 seconds, the longest ever so far have to be careful 1) not to fall, and 2)not to get caught by anyone except my hubby;he is really the only one besidrs me who even thinks I should even be trying this! I'll show them otherwise!!

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