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The adventures of the group of 9 mutated warrior dogs; The Ca-Nines!
In the year 1980, a group of terrorists broke out from jail. The police and their dogs tried to find them. One of their dogs succeeded in finding their footprints and traced the footprints. The result is some sort of hideout with a pool of toxic around it. The dogs jumped to the entrance, the police screamed to them. They succeeded in jumping to the entrance and ran to the inner hideout. The police tried to make a path with some wood planks. The dogs entered the inner hideout and they saw huge tubes of toxic and tubes of mutated animals. The terrorists saw the dogs and tried to inject them with toxic. They used a special gun that shoots toxic serum. The dogs bit their hands, the terrorists dropped their toxic gun (TXC-SH00T3R 2000) and tried to let the dogs go out of their hands. The dogs were thrown from their hand and smashed to the wall. The dogs barked slowly, the terrorists grabbed their toxic gun and shoot toxic serum to them.

The dogs squealed and squealed of the pain and collapsed. The terrorists took them and thrown them to a tube of toxic. They also sticked some mechanical hose pipes and closed the tubes, they locked it with a long and special code, and used them for experiments.The police tried to find the way to the inner hideout and got lost so many times. 3 hours later, the police got tired and went home to the police station. One of them looked to the hideout and said "I'm counting on you, cops. I know that you will get out of the situation you're dealing with!". He returned with the others and left the hideout.

It was already 3 weeks and the chief isn't happy with the horrible news. "Where are my canine cops?! I want them returned NOW!!". One of the police responded "They are captured by the terrorists, sir! The inner hideout is very hard to find! Only special dogs like them can trace the hidden footprints, sir!". The chief kept quite, then a man appeared. Sir! A group of canines just got out! Help us please!" The police screamed "The cops broke out from the tubes!" The chief and the man were shocked. The man showed the police where they are. The Ca-Nines (Chori the Fire Dog, Keizu the Earth Dog, Mizuki the Water Dog, Nano the Cyber Dog, Electris the Lightning dog, Kaze the Wind Dog, Raiku the Were-Dog, and Renki the Uber Beast Dog)looked at the police. The police tried to make them remember that they are their masters. Renki remembered half of the memories, but non of them believed him. Will they remember the adventures that they used to have in the past?

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