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by Jennyj
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My startling discovery at the local haunted house!!

New Prompt! Write a poem or story about your (or your character’s) frightening visit to a Haunted House

(as told by Alistair, my newest black cat)

Though I'm a young black cat,
put on my scary hat!
I snuck out of the house;
I wanted a new mouse!!
I went right down the street
hoped for some friends to meet!
I walked up to an old
haunted house draped in mold.

It was in there I spied
two old cats who had died.
Smokey and Patrif, too--
they greeted me with "Boo!"
Both being black like me,
were scary as could be!

We played and scared the kids;
when grown-ups came, we hid!
I never thought to ask,
how they came to this task
of haunting kids all night--
we gave them quite a fright!

Thought they were dead and gone;
their antics made me yawn,
exhausted by the thought
of how they could get caught!
They died so long ago,
no one will ever know
that they've come back to haunt;
their scary selves they'll flaunt!!

I was startled to see.
my old friends, black like me!!
I knew that they'd been dead;
or that's what mommy said!
To have them back was great!
Now, we'll just have to wait
until next year comes 'round;
and scary times abound!

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