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by Doug
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Trying my hand at designing a crocheted scarf. Try it and let me know what you think.
So I'm trying my hand at designing a scarf crochet pattern. The pattern name comes from the Roman numeral 13 (XIII) which is what it looks like - over and over and over and over again.

Worsted weight yarn: 7 oz
Crochet hook: Size I

ch: Chain
sc: Single Crochet
tr: Treble Crochet
dt: Double-treble Crochet

Double-treble: Yarn over three times. Insert hook into indicated stitch. Yarn over and draw back through stitch. *Yarn over and draw through two loops. Repeat from * three more times.

Ch 174 to start

Row 1: Tr in fifth chain from hook. (4 skipped chains counts as first tr.) Tr in next ch. Skip next two ch. *Dt in next ch. Ch 1. Working in front dt, dt in first skipped chain. Tr in next 3 ch.* Repeat from * to * across.

Note: Mark Row 1 as right side.

Row 2: Ch 4. (Counts as first tr now and throughout.) tr in next 2 tr. *Skip next dt. Dt in next dt. Ch1. Working in front of last dt, dt in skipped dt. Tr in next 3 tr.* Repeat from * to * across.

Row 3: Ch 1. Turn. Sc in next 3 tr. *Sc in next dt. Skip next ch. Ch 1. Sc in next dt. Sc in next 3 tr.* Repeat from * to * across.

Row 4: Ch 4. Turn. Skip first sc. Tr in next 2 Sc. *Skip next sc and ch. Dt in next sc. Ch 1. Working in front of last dt, dt in first skipped sc. Tr in next three sc.* Repeat from * to * across.

Row 5: Repeat row 3.

Row 6: Repeat row 4

Row 7: Repeat row 2. Finish off.

Fringe: Loosely wrap yarn around a 6" card. Cut at one end only. With Insert crochet wrong side of scarf facing, insert crochet hook in corner. Draw folded side of yarn bundle through the scarf. Draw cut ends through yarn loop and pull knot tightly. Repeat process at junction between rows 1 & 2, 5 & 6, at end of row 3 and row 5, and at each corner. Twelve fringe knots total.

Variation 1: To make your scarf a little wider, repeat row 2 after row 4 and then continue with the remaining rows as listed (8 rows total). Add another fringe knot at junction of row 4 & repeated row 2. Fourteen fringe knots will be made for this pattern.

Variation 2: To make a scarf for a youth: chain 132 and work pattern as indicated.

I've actually made the original and first variation versions and like variation 1 better.
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