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My wish for my first birthday here = help group #1139671 Updated daily! Final update!
One Year Ago Today - my B-day Wish - help a group who helps others!

One year ago today I clicked on a link in myspace and arrived here.
Not knowing what to do with what I found I looked around and read a little.
Every line I read, and every port I went to had so much good writing. 

Yes it is rare to find a place that encourages good honest and uplifting reviews.
Each story I posted here in the beginning was seen elsewhere.
A contest here early on netted a story that needed a ton of help to improve.
Review after review helped me to improve "Finger Food" from what it was to

A fairly good story it is today.  I can name  many people who have
Given reviews that helped me fine tune a piece of work.  I've given reviews of '
Others works which have improved their works as well and grown along the way.

    One Year Ago I opened my email for the first time and found an anonymous
Three month upgrade and then I started finding these things called gps, and people
Oh so welcoming and encouraging that I knew I wanted to give back to them.
Doing something for others is something I desire every day and the reason I
Am still on today is through the generosity of others who saw potential in me a
Year ago and began investing their time and lives into my world.

    One Year Ago Today it was not only anonymous that kept me here but RAOK, who is constantly helping others with upgrades, Images in Ink has helped me and accepted me as a part of their community as well, and even ODTG was kind in providing an upgrade when I needed one the most.  One of the other groups is in need of help now and when I do reviews I associate them between two groups; Images in Ink and Need Help With An Upgrade?
I do this because they are groups worthy of recognition but also because the people in these groups are real,living, breathing people with a heart for helping others.
    These two groups have been a part of my time here that means the most to me, second only to the impact ODTG has had on me.  Reviewing has become as much a passion for me as writing the best that I can to bring glory to the Lord and encourage others in their daily struggles and walks in the lives they live outside of the WDC.
    One year ago today I was blessed with a base of people who began to lead me in growing and striving to become a better writer and ignited the passion of reviewing in me that I had not known about before.  Some of these groups give their gps to people who are not able to pay to maintain an upgraded membership, like myself most of the time.
    One year later today as my birthday wish from me to you is to open the gps you have lying around and contribute them to Need Help With an Upgrade?  Over the next two weeks I will be donating all of the gps I receive for reviewing to this cause and some additional gps I received for my recent promotion to preferred author status, directly to NHWUP?  Today alone I received a lot of gps so that will be heading over to group #1139671 soon and very soon.
    It is my goal to review at least 20 writings a day for the next two weeks and to do that I will have to get right on it so without further ado, my birthday wish on this my 1 year anniversary is to help another who helps others on a regular basis and if you would like to join me in this cause the group # again is 1139671.
Serving Him by serving you,
Copenator out!
Officially approved Writing.Com Preferred Author logo.
servant in Christ
Copenator Crew leader - Christian writing, Mafia Wars, Space Wars, Save the Planet, Owned, Typing Maniac, et al.

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Day 1 goal of 20 reviews fell way short at 7 but it felt like 10 so here is what I found when I opened my email around 10:30 my time.
1.  The reviews I did were the recipients of some very large gps.  Wow!
2.  A group "Wishes Upon A Star" granted my wish with a donation of 20k to  NHWUP.  Here are the responses I wrote and after day 1 I will be able to make a donation of 29,500 based upon the extra gps I got for the reviews and other awesome review rewards the system doles out.  Also included in this total is the generosity of a couple of others who reviewed and support NHWUP. 
You made my birthday a hughe blessing not only to me but to NHWUP and others I will be able to help with the remaining gps.  Next update is day 2.

Here is what I received in the email and my replies.

Flabbergasted!  Dazed!  Not sure what to say!  Speechless! 
Whoever anonymous is thanks from the bottom of my heart.  Never expected anything like this.  I have a 1 year anniversary goal and I'm going to add some of this to the total I've already accumulated.  You will be helping people here on the WDC stay with us when they cannot otherwise stay on.  Thank you again and may the blessings of the Lord fall fresh on you for your genrrosity.
humbled and grateful
Copenator out!

Oh my goodness I got this in the email too and I'm sharing this in the update to My birthday wish.  Wow!  This is a caring and giving community and that is rare in this the www.

From: Trying to get better (199)  Review ID #3242497
This is a wonderful essay to compel people to help with your selfless cause. Your wish is being granted by "Wishes Upon A Star"  with a donation of 20K to Need Help with an Upgrade.
Sister of Mercy
And this is my reply.

Thank you so much for that awesome gift!  You are the same Sister of Mercy who gave your auction package to your "secret pal."  It was an awesome thing you did then and again  you do something that is more than awesome.  You are benefiting others who would otherwise not be able to stay on here.  That is worthy of thanksgiving. 
Ironically I had just read again the acrostic I made for you as a thank you.  I was blessed when I opened my email again and to my surprise I found 10 10k anonymous gifts for 10 reviews I had done today so 20 percent of those 10 will also go to the group.  That combined with other totals for the first day of my goal I will be able to donate nearly 29,000 gps to Need Help With an Upgrade.
I will include this thank you note in an update on my birthday wish and the response to the anonymous gps I got.  I am just so blown away and amazed at the generosity of Wishes Upon A Star.
God bless you and keep you all day-by-day!
Copenator out!
DAY 2 -1/16/2010 - 4900 represents 16 reviews, 1/2 of other gps received and that is the closest to the 20 goal so far.  Will it be 20 this Sunday, day 3 of my goal?
Copenator out!
Day 3 01-17-2010 - 2600. What will day 4 bring? Not sure but praise the Lord for the goal and the progress towards it. Copenator out!
Day 4 = 13 reviews. I maximized the points by doing Newbies not reviewed before for the extra 200 per review. I work this week so I will send the days contributions in the following morning. Copenator out!
Day 5 =16.450
Day 6 = 2.615
Due to life's little foiboiles I am extending the project 3 days as I will not be able to review again untils Sunday morning and I want to complete days worth of contributions.
Day 7 - 1350
I did 9 reviews including a "mini raid" of a newbie who expressed thankfulness. I'm grateful I was able to do some reviews and to bless a newbie at the same time is icing on the cake. Blessings! Copenator out!
Day 8 = 3 reviews 10, 780.
Sing oh sing the praises of the Lord and give Him the glory.
The time, the trials, the rewards are all a part of His great Love story. Copenator out!
Day 9 - 1 review.  300.
I'm off work so the remaining days will be more reviews and higher gps. 
Copenator out!
Day 10 - Thank you! Your gift of 5,000 Gift Points has been given to " Need Help With An Upgrade?" . Your support of Writing.Com and its members is greatly appreciated!
Thank You Lord for the opportunity to help this group and for those who are being blessed in the process by what they do to help others.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen.
Day 11 - 12 reviews. 3.251  Three more days to go and who knows what the Lord will provide in that time.  Praise the Lord for He is King!
Day 12 - 24 reviews! 10,370 points. Includes 1/2 of gps I received for reviews, auto rewards, and 18 200 point bonuses for people not reviewed before. Thanks to all who provided gps today including "Poppy" among others. So grateful to NHWUP and the WDC! Copenator out!
Day 13: 2675 8 reviews.  I was reviewing via the "Random Read" button and up popped the write by Jenny the leader of NHWUP.  This is a blessing from the Lord and proof that He is at work in the lives of His creation.  How can you doubt, how can you deny?  God is alive and He wants you to be a part of His life and has a plan just for you to carry out.
I include the review I wrote for her piece "Each and Every Day."

This was found via the "Random Read" button in the tool bar.  How amazing and how endearing is this write?

The form is awesome
The structure is just so winsome.
The content is from the heart,
And the dedication is such a good part!

The absence of grammatical issues is a plus
And the conclusion to the poem is an A +
Overall your poem is worth the read and how ironic
Is it that on day 13 of 14 your write I would read.  I need a tonic!

You are encouraged, you are oh so entreated to, please write on in the WDC!
Copenator out!
Day 14 - 580. Due to severe headache and sinus pressure I was not able to stay online long. this concludes the 14 day contribution anniversary wish and thank the Lord for the opportunity and the WDC for the site that promotes so much community good. Headache is still here so will be getting off soon after updating last total. He is worthy of praise and honor. Amen and amen.
90.371 GPs given over a 14 day period of reviewing to a group who helps those who need it.  Thanks be to the Lord for His guidance, Jenny for her encouragement and strategic placement of this wish, and for all of you who reviewed my works during this time and gave GPs, half of which went to the cause.  You're all included the grand total and thank you!
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