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by Man S
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Love unrequited is torturing
My Unrequited Love

Love makes world go around. It even creates a new world. A world of joy, good feelings and pleasantness of surroundings. The cardinal principal of love is success which lies in involvement of both sides. It is delicacy of affair which sounds more pleasing. Of course sustenance is entirely the matter of understanding between the two and circumstances. For those who are capable enough to achieve both are no less than heavenly being. But a majority of the people with amorous life face one deadly phenomenon, called unrequited love. A love unaccepted by one of the persons involved. This man called Max, is victim of such love.
I am not deplete with logical approach to a problem, but when it comes to think about her, my world shatters with pain. I am caught between psychological response fight or flight, where either of the extremes are the only solution to overcome a problem. But the world is not created for the person like me. If it is, why did they not suggest a midway between fight or flight I can not fight to claim my love because she is so innocent, warm, understanding and top of all a heavenly angel who if happens to confront the slightest trace of physical or mental stress, it is like someone is strangling me. There are circumstances which her theory claims are not conducive to such an affair, My matrimonial status. I do partly agree. Why not completely? I wonder if I can ever be able explain this to any living creature on this earth. Especially her. Flight is the only way which can release me from this pain. Physical flight is futile as her memories will never stop to chase me wherever I go. I considered this as an option but as I mentioned it is useless. Spiritual flight or raising from materialistic world and renounce the worldly affair does not appeal me because I am not made for that. Secondly I consider that cowardice, an excuse to shun the reality.
Perpetual flight is the only remedy. But alas! My family responsibilities impede the decision. I craved for this flight too often, but my conscience rebuked me, counseled me and I couldn’t do anything but cry over my plight.
They say accept what can not be changed and change what can not be accepted. But poor me! I can not do either of them. Either I should consider my self an emotional fool or a coward but love is so deeply impressed upon me that its strength and universality denies me such assumptions. I feel like I am a hero who can create a very complex situation and enjoy the dilemma. I believe no one can enjoy such predicament as I am in. This feeling is unique and rare.
Now science says every action needs energy to continue. E=mc2, where m is mass and c is constant source of energy. I look at it the other way. M is me and c is her. Hence there is no scarcity of E and my love keeps on working. Hence meals are not important for me. My energy is my feelings for her.
The only unfavorable element is it creates occasional emptiness of my soul and lets me down. The momentary melancholy depresses me and its aftereffect is loss of interest in worldly affairs. I do not enjoy anything, not even thinking of her. This worst part is the only thing that will kill me one day. Well sooner the better.
Man S

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