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an article about my exeptional cleaning skills!
CLEANING UP! Returning to our roots the old fashioned way

Cleaning is a necessary evil in our world. Just the acts of living and breathing raise issues of cleanliness and sanitation to determine if the foods we consume, the surfaces we touch,and the air we breathe are fit for their intended purposes. To further complicate matters, most of us prefer not to clean, or even consider whether something is clean according to our expectations. In addition, even if cleaning is a favored pursuit, time constraints often prevent individuals from commiting adequate time to completing the needed cleaning tasks. The busy schedules inherent in daily life often interfere with our best-laid plans and intentions. The following paragraphs show my suggestions for tackling the cleaning jobs found in everyday life. I title this article as I have because in this era of easy-clean features and power-wash solutions, the picture of cleaning performed according to “Leave It to Beaver” standards and reasons seems quaint and almost archaic. The truth of the matter remains that our human life continues to “get dirty” and requires cleaning, despite our best efforts!
Now that we have grudgingly agreed to some of the “WHYs” of cleaning, we must reckon with the “HOWs”—really, a far more significant inquiry! To make a valid analysis of that question, we must first narrow down WHAT we intend to clean. Is it going to be a surface? A dish? The laundry? The entire house, building or complex? Do we anticipate receiving help from family, friends or staff? Do we intend to hire anyone for the express purpose of doing the needed cleaning? Who will have to be satisfied with the finished product? Will it be only ourselves? A family member? A supervisor? Does any compensation hinge on the quality and completion of the task, or is it merely personal satisfaction we are looking for? In other words, is the cleaning the MEANS to an end (i.e. a happier, better life), or is it the END in itself (a task associated with our job).
Some types of cleaning are so important and require such exact detail that there are scores of Federal Regulations governing those clean-ups; those are typically industrial or hazardous waste clean-ups. (Even though the mess left behind when your 10-year old tried to make glow-in-the-dark pancakes LOOKED like hazardous waste, it probably doesn’t qualify for Federally-regulated or funded Superfund Clean-up monies, and you can put your mind at ease!) For our purposes here, I will assume that we are dealing with ordinary -dirt, and that once we safely dispose of that sticky chocolate-scented glow-in-the –dark pancake batter, we will be free to clean like normal adults!
Let’s assume that our first job will be a standard kitchen clean-up project. This will include sanitizing all floors and surfaces, and eliminating the inevitable cluttered storage problem that most family kitchens seem to have. We will save tackling the major dish-and-appliance storage problem for our second kitchen attack, and just assault the DIRT at this time.

I will begin with an analysis of how I would attack the kitchen where I spend my days writing and cooking, and outline my own procedure for managing it each day. I first start by digging out the sink before I run the dishwasher. (I try to gently encourage adult family members to help with the dishes by p,g the dishesleaving soapy dishwater in the dishpan so that by soaking their dishes, the soaking will soften any residual dried food. They listen to me half the time; adults learn habit changes more slowly!! They seem to require in excess of the recommended 28 day change regimen—“practice your chosen new habit for 28 days, and you will haves a new habit”—I’ve been working on this new habits for a YEAR, to no avail!!) Once I have the washer loaded to my satisfaction, I am ready to run it. I prefer the “all-in-one” soap tablets for convenience. Most of my cleaning product choices are based on a combination of convenience, economy and significance. The ease wit h which I am able to place t he detergent tab in the soap dispenser and the significance of washing the dishes with soap outweighs the small savings I would get from using the powdered dishwasher soap. (NEVER use normal kitchen detergent or any other soap in your dishwasher; your kitchen will only barely recover from thd to be more cosmetic ratyhe FLOOD of soapsuds after several WEEKS! Splurge and buy the real stuff, even if you decide to choose an economy brand!!!)
After I have finished subduing the dishes, I frequently branch out and clean some other portions of the kitchen to stay enough ahead of t he mess that a simple swipe with a disinfectant wipe such as a Lysol-brand wipes will cure a multitude of messes. For larger, heavy-use surfaces such as the floor, I tend to choose the Swiffer brand of products, again for quality and ease of use. They make a wide range of home products, including floor-cleaning items, some of which have a battery-driven soap dispenser for application

Another area which has specific important cleaning and organizational needs is the entry area . This area’s needs are diverse; it is difficult to keep this area of the space orderly, be it a house, office or entire building. Reguardless of the type of space involved, safety and he alth considerations make it imperative that these areas be kept free from dirt and clutter. Having specific designated storage arranged in the form of bins, boxes or baskets for the collection of outdoor clothing and shoes can be a partial solution to any cleaning problem.
uccessshigh traffic area and accordingly, has a high amouns of germ-producing activity. Again, specically-designated baskets or plastic storage bins can be used to streamline your wortk initially and keep the area in shape, making future cleanup efforts easier and more productive. of home products, including floor-cleaning items, some of which have a battery-driven soap dispenser for application
I want to share several generic tips that are suitable for most problems and all rooms! These can be applied to a variety of situations with success! They all revolve around doing a little cleaning each day to enable you to stay ahead of the heavy jobs so that maintaining a clean space can become a pleasing habit rather than a burden.
1. Let your cleaning goals empower you rather than overwhelm youl Visualize completing the steps required to start, manage and finish the project to your satisfaction. Remember to keep your plans specific and REALISTIC! Well-planned and realistic plans stand a better chance of succedpng!
2. Set up some organization strategies ahead of beginning the task. Have plastic bins and baskets available for collecting clutter and organizing it. Implementing permanent solutions for ongoing problems of mess and dirt is an ideal way to manage a difficult cleaning concern.
3. Decide on a system to facilitate quick clean=ups and spills to stay ahead of the dirt! Choosing a system of products ahead of time will help you avoid accidental harmful product interactions from using incompatible product combinations.
4. After reviewing your schedule. Set up a cleaning routine that fits with the rest of your life This is the best way of ensuring that you will stick to your plans.
5. Commit to yourself that you will fix any new mess or spill as quickly as is reasonable. While you won’t put your meal or life on hold just because you need to cleaan up a new mess, neither will you procrastinate over cleaning it!
6. Become able to distinguish between “daily” cleaning needs and major maintenance=type cleaning jobs. Commit to handling the former on a regular basis; schedule the latter intentionally into your routine!

As you survey your cleaning tasks and needs, remember yhat no task is too great if you can find a way to break it into manageable chunks! Decide ahead of time how much of the project you can reasonably manage in each session. Remember that it didn’t get dirty all at once, and it most likely won’t get cleaned up all at once, either! Break your cleaning needs down by urgency, and visualize being able to successfully and comfortably complete the work within the time alotted. Remember also to weigh the benefits and possibility of getting extra help, either from a cleaning service, friend or family member’ Always focus on the g
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