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The world's first engineered virus has been released.
"Bolteria Charged with Treason"
AP, Washington, February 14, 2010

Prosecutors charged American geneticist Jhonas Bolteria with High Treason in Washington, D.C. today, concluding the first step in proceedings expected to find the once-respected scientist guilty of engineering and releasing the EM2010 virus. When convicted, he will face execution by lethal injection.

Scientists identified the virus nine days ago. After frantic examinations of over fifty blood samples from all over the world, the world’s first engineered virus, EM2010, was identified. Scientists are scrambling to produce an antibody.

Only eleven days have passed since health officials across the planet first reported an explosion in the number of patients suffering from sleep deprivation and intense depression resulting from disturbingly similar nightmares.

As it turned out, these nightmares were triggered by news reports of any bombings or missile strikes that resulted in “collateral damage” (military phrasing for civilian casualties). Without exception, the infected dreamt of frantically digging barehanded through bomb blasted rubble for the bloodied remains of their missing children—even if the dreamers had no children in real life.

According to an ongoing investigation, Bolteria and an as-yet unknown number of collaborators released the airborne virus at major airports throughout the world. From these airports, the virus quickly spread to 20% of the world’s population. Researchers predict the rate of infection to reach 50% before the end of the month.

The sufferings of the infected are not limited to a lack of restful sleep. During daylight hours, many sufferers obsess over images from these dreams, mourning the loss of children they’ve never known; some of the infected collapse in the middle of the street to weep in inconsolable misery.

The damage to the world economy has been grave.

Economic production across the planet has fallen 15%, proving a fatal blow to the nascent and fragile recovery from the economic downturn of 2008.

In a coordinated effort to protect citizens from the effects of EM2010, governments have agreed on a blanket ban of any reports of bombing or missile strikes.

Unfortunately, this ban has been thwarted by the outlaw broadcasts of pirate radio and TV stations, not to mention the Internet-based reporting of continued military actions.

Early attempts to isolate political leaders from EM2010 in climate-controlled rooms failed, with the consequence that most world leaders have been rendered incapable of making key military decisions. Decision-making authority has been slow to pass down the chain of command to uninfected leaders; fortunately, the same process has been observed in military structures throughout the world, sending both freedom-fighter and terrorist organizations into disarray.

Jhonas Bolteria’s trial is set to begin early next week.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, one Defense Department aide stated, “Every effort will be made—no expense will be spared—to make this criminal pay for this heinous act of terrorism. The damage Bolteria has done to our nation and world is incalculable. Our justice will be swift and decisive. The guilty will pay.”

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