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by Jennyj
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my secret craving goes unfulfilled!
New Prompt!
Oh, no! The world has run out of coffee and tea. What are we going to do?
Write a story or poem about trying to live without our morning fix.
Maybe grass tea becomes our staple.
Maybe we gulp bark tea or robin’s nest coffee.
I suppose we could heat up licorice and doctor it with . . .
Help! Help!


We're in big trouble, world-wide!
We've got a problem we can't hide.
All coffee's gone from our clean cups;
we have no more to wake us up.
And I'm addicted, I agree--
there's even none to give to me!
No coffee left for us to drink;
my sanity's gone on the blink.
When they ran out in days gone by,
many weird potions they did try!
Lots of strange leaves and seeds and bark
to make a brew taste strong, look dark.
I'm off to start work in a fog--
I'll pet a cat--but it's a DOG.
I'm off to find something to stir--
I'll miss my coffee, that's for sure!
I'll fry my nephew's licorice stick,
flavored with red-hots--what an ick!
We need to fix this lack today
and send this fake stuff ON ITS WAY!

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