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A phyciatric evaluation of a MPD patient. Excuse my spelling errors, please.
He sat on the hard plaid couch and looked around the office. The grey-green eyes slid over the wooden desk to the left with the little bronze nameplate stating "Dr. Lecter" and then to the leather chair infront of him. Although he saw the tweed pants and shiny black lofers of the phychiatrist, but he could not bring himself to look up any further.
"Mitchell Jay VonHart." The doctor said in his drawling voice.
"I go by Micky now." Micky replied.
Dr. Lecter made a slight noise, a murmer before he began again. "I haven't seen you for several years. Has Sir Fred reappeared?"
Micky rubbed his neck, ashamed and embarrased."More than that." was his vauge awnser.
"More?" the good doctor said, crossing his leg and leaning forward slightly. "How so. Explain, please, in great detail."
"Well," he explained, "there are now three more."
The doctor let in a sharp breath. "Three...more?"
Micky nodded. "Rex, Lucifer, and Gabriel." After a few moments of silence the doctor indicated that he still wanted more information. When Micky continued, his pen scratched madly over the surface of his notebook detailing his diagnosis. He tried to start several times then moaned, "They're ruining my life!"
It was like a bullgate opening. Suddenly this angry animal was raging and ranting.
"I could barely make it through college because of them! Rex went to Every Single party there was. I never got to study because he was always drinking, screwing, and partying! I never got any sleep! It took me five years to get graduate because of that fucker! He got a girl pregnant! I have to pay child support! I'm only twenty-seven! I have a ten year old!!"
"May I speak to him?" the doctor interrupted.
"Rex, may I speak to him."
Micky furrowed his eyebrows. "Maybe." he reached almost subconciously to the worn green backpack at his feet. Inside was the clothes the others wore. He pulled out a black shirt, a black beanie, a pack of cigarettes and a Coors. He quickly took off his polo shirt and donned the long sleeve shirt Rex always wore and lit up. It took a few seconds, but then the mental switch occured. His chest was lifted off the back of the couch and he let out a noise of pain mixed with one of pleasure. The man's entire demeanor changed. It was a confident punk sitting on the couch now, instead of the laid-back attorney.
"Sup?" Rex asked, pulling on the beanie and flashing a big smile.
Dr. Lecter stared. "You're name is Rex?"
Rex blew smoke at him. "So what if I am? Why am I out? Gonna Phycoize me?"
Dr. Lecter chuckled. "It's called phycoanalize. Rex, what happened that created you?"
"How the fuck should I know? First thing I remember, he was all stressed about his first college party, so I came and took over. Nice pary too. There was this chick man, oh she had the nicest ass ever! I think that's the girl who got pregnant...or was that her sister?" he laughed, as serious as he could be.
"This is going to take a while..." The doctor muttered.
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