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A little piece I made to show off the love that dogs give us unconditionally.

Why are dogs referred as ‘Man’s Best Friends?’ I mean, why not some other animal like a frisky cat, or a hairy chimp? I guess those creatures don’t show the affection that dogs give us each and everyday, and not demanding anything from us, except our love.
         Dogs only require about four things in life: Food, water, shelter and love. They can live for days without food or water, and perhaps wouldn’t die without a roof over their heads. But, just like every living thing, dogs need love to carry on in their days, and end up being healthy and happy.
         What a dog gives in return isn’t just love, it’s unconditional love. When a pooch loves you, they don’t give a second glance to your character flaws, doesn’t complain about life and does not get angry with you because you spoke a harsh word that shouldn’t have been said. But dogs can get hurt feelings. But they will soon vanish when the dog receives the love they search for.
         These precious canines listen to us. When we have a story to tell, they will hang on to our every word: with ears cocked, eyes focused and a light tap with their tail to prove they aren’t ignoring us. If only all human friends were like that, life would be a much easier to live in. 
         Lots of times, a dog can sense when you are feeling sad, when most family members don’t. A reaction dogs get to to try and cheer you right up, even if it just means placing themselves next to you, and putting their head on your lap. With actions like that, dogs are a true friend to us all.
         The uncontitional love is also refering to devotion. Once trust is established between man and dog, they will stick to you through thick or thin. Dogs will jump in your joys, moan in your saddness of times. Yet always trying to give you love, and not asking much in return.          
         There is also a story I once read not to long ago.
         It was about this man and his wife, taking a vacation. They came upon an old house,that looked like it could have fallen with the slightest gust of wind. Yet, the couple still wanted to take pictures of it, and went inside to ask persmission from the owner.
         They found him dead in his cot, died from natural causes. On the floor next to the old man, was a dog, all skin and bones. He had been waiting there, for quite a long time, so it seemed, waiting for his master to awaken and spend some time together. He wagged his tail at the newcomers, but stayed by his owner’s bedside, staying faithful to the end.
         These four-legged animals weren’t only placed on this earth to give us love, but to help us humans out. All different breeds were made in a way to aide us in everyday work.
         There are dogs to help the blind. Guide them while out walking, and warn them of danger.
         We have canines that assist us with finding lost humans, searching out drugs, or helping deliver people out of a fire.
         Dogs help the deaf, who can’t hear, therapy dogs who vist the sick, herding dogs who can herd farm animals into their right spot. Police dogs are here to help catch crimanals. There are even dogs that catch baseballs that get hit far out over the staduim wall. I could go on and on, but I am certain you get my point.
         Through dogs eyes, we are the great love in their life. We are like a parent, partner, best friend and soulmates to them all. They show us loyality, born of respect and friendship. They teach us patients, they show us true courage. Dogs give and give till we are satisfied. They want to share our world. On this universe, there are the wild places where animals can run free, then there are our domesticed realm. Guess what? Dogs chose us.
         The canines will follow you to the end of the world, if they had to, never leaving your side.Dogs believe in us, because we are family; thus they can always count on our love toward them. Good hearts love dogs and dogs love good hearts.
People seldom show this sort of unconditional love. Dogs do. Is it any wonder that dogs are considered man's best friend?
         But when this all comes down to the end, to sum up my thoughts on this animal’s love, dogs are really Man’s Best Friend because they wag their tail and not their tongue. It is meant to be humourous, but in a way, very true.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1663216