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A girl's love for a dog makes her forefill her dream.
Mal looked once, twice, three times at the beat up cardboard box that was lying on the side of the busy road.
         She was staring at the wonderful “Take One For Free” sign taped to the side of the box. Taking one for free would be a dream come true is Mal had the courage to go against her mother’s wishes and take one of these precious little beagle pups.
         The thirteen-year-old always wanted a dog. She didn’t care how old or what breed it was, but she wanted one badly. But her mother was always saying how it would be too much work to care for one.
         Mal was going through a sort of phase that made her think of dogs no matter what she was doing. Dogs were on her mind all day. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs.
         And now, today, she could just pick one up for free! Mal’s heart was beating uncontrollably with anxiety. Should she take one, even if her mom specifically said no?
         Mal took the risk and dropped down to eye level of the four pups. Her eyes trailed from one to the other. Which one? This was a decision. The girl wanted to take them all! But, of course to Mal’s dismay, she couldn’t. If her mother didn’t want one dog, what would she say about four?
         She gave a look at them all, a look of sadness that the young girl could not take all of them. Well, Mal knew she might not even be allowed to keep one!
         But Mal sought out a way to fix this problem and not to be picking favourites: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe. It was the only way out of this predicament.

Less then a half hour later, Mal was walking through her front doors with the beagle pup in her left arm.
         Her mom must have heard her enter and trotted into the hallway, only to be licked to death by a small puppy.
         “Mal! Why do you have a dog?!” She inquired, shoving the beagle’s snot away.
         “Oh, I just found him in a box that I could take one for free! And they all looked so lonely, I had to take at least one home. Mom, we have to keep him. Please?” Mal was almost begging on her knees.
         The girl’s mother gave her a stern glance. “I have already set my standards about dogs, Mal you know that! Now, go bring him back right now!”
         But Mal stood her ground; ready to defend the dream pet she had wanted her whole life.
         “Mom, you don’t know how much I really want a dog. I’ve wanted one my whole life and now I am this close to getting on, only if you were on the same page as me. Come on, Mom. Just look at him!”
         Mal put the dog up to her mom’s face, letting her look into the pup’s eyes.
         Her shoulders loosened when Mal saw the calmness and love in Mom’s face.
         “Oh, you brought me into it. We can keep him as long as you take care of his every need.”
         Mal smiled and placed the beagle on the floor. She watched him run around, sniffing everything in sight.
         “Name?” Her mom asked.
         “You can choose, Mother. I’ll let you.”
         Thanks to Mal’s affection for dogs, she finally got to fulfill her dream of having a little pooch. Once a girl’s love for dogs appear, only death could make it disappear.
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