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A memorial for a once-great country.
There will come a day when the human spirit is lifted above the din of despotism to the grand heights of freedom.  The human spirit will look down upon the abandoned fields below, littered with the tawdry remains of a diminished past.  That day is in the future and the place could be anywhere but it isn’t here in America.  America is dead!  We have reneged on a great promise.  We have pulled the plug on the shining city on the hill.  We have overthrown industry and success for comfort.  The ticks have become more valuable than the dog.  The ticks won’t be satisfied until every drop of blood has been sucked from the dog even though that means their own death.  America has codified the aphorism, “no good deed goes unpunished.”  The haves have traded places with the have-nots.  The slugs are running the farm.  America died recently.  The Government of the people killed it with a single vote. America used to lead the race to explore the frontiers of space.  To expand human knowledge and appreciate the human experience.  Now, America has given up on space, except for taking the Earth’s temperature to see how sick and disgusting we really are.  We have been sick, but Americans are optimists and always assumed it would get better.  Now, America is dead.  The giant sloth has been resuscitated from extinction and held up as perfection by the health care law.  Her best citizens have been diminished, her least citizens have been made comfortable and docile.  A great evening has occurred, a convergence on mediocrity, until mediocrity itself is attacked as too much undeserved success.  Those who aren’t even citizens, who’s first encounter are as criminals, are exalted above all.  The least is first, the most is evil.  Who should we emulate, who should we immolate?  It used to be that America overlooked petty faults and embraced greatness.  We have become small and that smallness became stuck in the throat of America until it finally expired from asphyxiation.  The sloth killed America.  America is dead!  We’ll miss America, she was a wonderful country.  But instead of mourning, let’s look forward to tomorrow when a new country will blossom from the morning dew.  A country that values the exceptional, that strives for better, that builds because it hasn’t yet been built.  Let’s raise the standard high to our new country and show everyone the expectation that they should meet it.  Let’s call that country, America!
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