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Because I've been told my stories are too gloomy :)
Puppies and Rainbows and Sunshine -

Have you ever had one of those days that starts out so poorly that you automatically deduce that the rest will follow in an even shittier fashion? That was me today. Here's how it all started out.

I was roused from a troubled sleep, gently at first and then much more aggressively by a wicked charlie horse in my leg. My initial reaction under these circumstances is to jump out of bed and try to get some weight on it until it straigtens out and then walk it off. This morning however, I only made it to the "jump out of bed" stage before being stopped cold. In my groggy and agonized state, I failed to position my good foot correctly and wound up landing with my full weight on my ankle. So there I was, rolling on the floor with a near crippled left ankle and a right leg beset by a rapidly intensifying cramp, when across the room, my alarm clock awoke with it's brain piercing squeal.

It was then that pain turned to rage, and driven by a purpose that rendered the agony irrelevant, I rose to my feet, grabbed the clock and biffed it into the wall. Unfortunately, once the deed was done, I remembered that I needed my alarm clock to wake me up in the mornings, and where was it now? Reduced to a pitiful pile of plastic splinters and electronic debris. My only choice was to go out and buy a new one, one more late arrival at work and I'd be due a visit to the axman ( Did I mention my job was hanging by a thread?). One hell of a way to start my day off.

I hastily threw on some clothes, hobbled out the door and, repressing the urge to mutter a torrent of obscenities, waited for the elevator to arrive. As the elevator doors opened, I realize that not only is the elevator occupied, but that the occupant is none other than Meagan Brentwood, this really hot chick from up on the eighth.Maybe my luck is changing., I thought to myself. In retrospect, I may have thought so just a wee bit too soon. But, I digress.

So anyways. there was Meagan, a girl I had been dying to talk to but since I never had the opportunity, I hadn't. I started off with some idle chit-chat about the weather, I know, it seems lame, but it's a tried and true icebreaker...kind of. Anyways, she nods and smiles, all the while wearing this strange expression on her face. Something I can't quite place. It doesn't look like disgust or discomfort. Maybe more like shyness or something. Regardless, I only stay bewildered about it until we get outside and part company. See, cuz after I turn into the wind, I feel a draft downstairs and realize my fly is hanging wide open. So there's my typical first impression. This is why I tend to live on the side of reclusiveness, I reckon. And since God was having such a good time at my expense, I guess He decided that now was as good a time as any to send a torrential downpour my way.

Dripping and cursing, I zipped up and made the decision to take up smoking again, but first I needed to stop off at the corner store and get me some smokes. Of course, keeping with the theme of the day, I left my cash at home.  Now generally, I keep any bills in my right back pocket, but occasionally, there are some rogues  that make it up to the front, so as I frantically searched, my hand came across something paper-like. Success!, I thought triumphantly, but once I pulled it out, it turned out to be an old, crumpled lotto ticket. Sheepishly, I told the cashier to forget about the smokes and turned to leave. But some little nagging voice in my head told me to check the ticket and I figured Well, I'm here anyway, why not?

I passed the scrap of creased paper to the cashier and she ran it through the machine. Instantly I heard the electronic tones that heralded a loser. Funny thing was, the tones sounded different, but I just chalked that up to some form of system upgrade and turned towards the door.But before I made the first step, the cashier called to me, and with a shaking voice and saucer shaped eyes, informed me that I had won the jackpot. Well, I was gobsmacked ! This was certainly not keeping with the theme of the day, but I wasn't about to complain. I took the valuable piece of pocket litter back from her, wished her a fabulous day and more or less floated out the door.

No sooner had I made it outside, than the clouds parted and the deluge ceased as soon as it had begun. Fascinated by this sudden and agreeable twist of fate, I gazed up at the sky, marvelling at the glorious shade of blue. So lost was I in thought, that I almost didn't register the ball of fluff that was flying down the sidewalk in my direction and indeed would not have, were it not for the fact that I almost tripped over it as it crowded my legs, tail furiously wagging.

A puppy !, I thought to myself. Now where in blazes did this thing come from?

My question was answered almost immediately when I heard a borderline frantic voice calling after the little scamp. As the owner hurried down the sidewalk and came closer, I realized that it was none other than Meagan, apparently returning from the pet shop. I mean, I'm sure I would have noticed a hyper active puppy in the elevator earlier. I realized I had blown my chance at a first impression, but hoped that perhaps my softmore effort would yeild more favorable results, and so I steeled my nerves, screwed up my courage and initiated another round of small talk.

Now, maybe it was because she was happy that her new puppy hadn't gotten away from her, or because she found it a strange coincidence to have bumped into me again so soon, or maybe even because she noticed that I had rectified my "barn door" situation,  but for whatever reason, our conversation went much better this time around and she even agreed to a date of sorts. Granted, it certainly helped that I suggested a stroll through the dog park, but what can I say ? I'm nothing if not an opportunist.

We said our " see-ya-laters" and went our separate ways, she to get her puppy settled in, and I to just enjoy the sunshiny day and reflect on what a wonderful life this truly is. And as I turned the corner, I was treated to the sight of the most articulated and beautiful rainbow I had ever been fortunate enough to see. As I almost involuntarily struck up a jauntily whistled tune, I figured I might as well head in that direction. You know... just to see what I might find.
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