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I wonder who really uses these things...
When I was a child canning was a must,
now these ranks of empty jars gather dust
under a set of long forgotten root cellar stairs.
We lost the past and no one really cares.

Sealed in Ball Masons was summer produce,
kept fresh, no artificial flavors, just natural juice.
Peas, asparagus, berries, jams, and pears.
We forgot about preservation and no one cares.

Ranks of glass soldiers with rusted sealing bands
tightened firmly from a mother's working hands
were swapped for supermarket's insta-pack wares.
We moved away from simplicity, no one cares.

From the refrigerator or freezer comes foil packs,
fruits, vegetables, meats, cheese and snacks,
even margarine wrapped in neat little squares.
All this ease makes us lazy, but who really cares?

Boxes of smashed dust-covered glass thrown away.
All these old dirty jars were just getting in the way!
Our history is hidden under forgotten basement stairs,
but I pray it is rediscovered by someone who cares.
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