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An anthro story about a cat in a post-apocalyptic world.
Fel crawled out from under the rock pile cave. He had spent the night there in hopes that he would wake up to his supplies being right where he set them, and in the highest hopes that he would wake up at all. Fel had survived the night without any loss, except the loss of appetite from the rotting carcass of a cat wearing goggles and a bandana. Fel picked up the messenger bag, which held food and water and other supplies, and he left into the woods as quickly as possible. He had learned much from his mother before she died of radiation poisoning. He knew to stay away from an animal if it was already dead.
Fel found it strange. The woods before him didn't look irradiated. Despite the snow on the ground and the chilly weather, the trees still had needles, and some had leaves. Most irradiated woods had trees that grew black leaves instantly and then dropped them. Entering one without a gas mask and radiation suit was usually a death sentence for anyone. Only the feral creatures had adapted to the toxic air. These woods, the woods that stand before Fel now, looked just as had been told woods looked before the Flash. Fel could feel a slight breeze roll over him. He took in and let out a deep breath, watching the white cloud pour out of his nose. He was young; he was entertained.
Fel took off into the woods, diving into a pile of snow. He climbed through it, laughing all the way. His head popped out the other side, and he saw a small cottage by a frozen pond. He climbed from the pile and approached it slowly. This could be his new home. Fel knocked on the door, knife behind his back, in case he was ambushed. The door opened and a scaly beast twice Fel's height looked out, greeting the boy, with an apologetic look on his face.
"You must be Fel," he said. "I have been expecting you. Please, come in. I think you will like it here."
Fel was hesitant, but he felt right about it, dropping his knife into the snow. Flakes of white began to fall all around. Fel looked up, smiling at the clouds.
"Come on in, Fel." The dragon's hand stretched out to grab the cat's hand. "Your mother is waiting for you."
Fel's smile turned to the ancient creature, and he ran inside, the door closing behind him.
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