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Anthro story about Jack's travels. He meets a badger and attempts to take her through time
Sera was a quiet badger. She was very timid, unlike most of her kind. Fenet's city streets had always been her home, as her mother and father could never hold jobs. They had lived in alleyways all their lives. It was nothing new to Sera. Her parents died in a mugging, and she simply said a little prayer and moved on with her life.
One day, Sera found a wanted ad in the paper, which she found lying next to the sidewalk. It was almost like an d Western's bounty poster, with a picture of a brown bunny with dark hare and a kind soft grin. He looked nice, but the ad was for two million crees, the system of currency in that time period. The mysterious hare's name simply read "JACK" in capital letters.
Sera knew better to waste her time on such childish fantasies as this. How could she, a poor and homeless young adult find and capture a wanted criminal? Sera realized the. That she hadn't read why the bunny was wanted. She looked below the picture.
"Wanted for 2,739 counts of arson," she said aloud. "Arson? Who commits arson anymore? Fire is practically a control substance in this damn country!" Sera tossed the paper to the ground in frustration and walked down the alleyway once more.
Suddenly a shuffle came from behind her, and Sera spun around. A hare stood at the end of the alley, looking down at the newspaper. His features were shadowed by long hair, hair like the bunny in the picture. He looked up at Sera with a smile, a smile like the wanted hare.
"You're him? The wanted hare? JACK?" Sera asked approaching the smiling bunny. He nodded in response. She stopped when she was a few feet away from him. "Why have you been setting fires?"
"It's a side effect."
"Of what?"
"Time travel." Sera couldn't help but burst out laughing. Jack chuckled. "I could show you. I have this power, you see, and it can transport me through time. Come. Come! Take my hand." Jack reached out for Sera's hand, but she quickly stopped the laughter, twisted his wrist and practically karate chopped his neck. He coughed and fell to the ground.
When Jack woke up, he found himself in a prison cell, lying on the cold cement floor. He struggled to stand up, rubbing his neck and forehead. A police officer took notice and ran a flashlight along the bars to call up Jack's attention. Jack looked up at the tall pig.
"No more time-travel fires for you!" the pig laughed. He turned to walk back to Sera, who was patiently awaiting her reward. As soon as the officer turned away, Jack fiddled with his watch.
"Officer!" Sera cried. "He's doing something strange!" the pig turned to Jack. Jack looked up at him and quickly pressed the watch's three buttons. Suddenly, he vanished in a burst of fire!

Jack fell to the ground, holding his chest. Time travel without a capsule was painful, stopping the heart and lungs momentarily. Jack felt his heart slowly speeding up to its normal beat. He stood up, dusting off his clothes, and stamping out the small flames that had appeared around him.
Jack left from his alleyway destination and saw a poor badger-girl reading a newspaper at the entrance to another alleyway. He looked at her, watched her drop the newspaper and walk away, and trotter over to the newspaper to pick it up. He looked at his face in the picture.
"You're him? That wanted hare? JACK?" came a voice.
"I thought you could have been great," came Jack's soft response. He sounded apologetic. "I was wrong. I am sorry. Maybe some other day."
Jack took off down the street, Sera in tow. But she fell back on her rear when he burst into flames and vanished.
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