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Rated: E · Draft · Fantasy · #1693022
fallowing "i thought i was going to school" what i think would have happened. more to come
How can i do this? i just left my family, my home. Life just to know answers. What am i thinking. Oh yeah i wanted to be different. yeah this is different alright. I am i supposed to pay attention to this school lesson when so much is going on. I lied to my mom. There goes my integerity. And when she finds out im going to be grounded till college. ok maybe i should be paying attention to ease my mind. He is cute. what does he think of me? What will he think of my sister? scratch that he will never meet my sister. Oh great he asked me a question what interesting conversation can come from this.
"Liddy?! why do you do that so much? just day dream? you need to be focused you need to have more dicspline. your lucky my spell was powerful..
"speaking of spells" oh no did i really just cut him off? "what was it that yours did?" he looked at me stunned.
"you didnt see what it did?"
you could? "well no theres not much u can see in blinding light." i couldnt help but roll my eyes with that.
"what blinding light? thats odd. maybe it protected your eyes from seeing what i could do. I will tell you when your older."
Older what! what does he think i am some little kid that sees no violence. im 15 i can see PG-13 movies. im not a little kid. Why did he have to say it in discust. that was rude. That comment actually made me angry so what did i do? folded my arms across my chest and looked away annoyed.
Then i heard him sigh "your tempermental arent you? look compared to me and the things in the fights to come you are young. I cant believe you we'nt even born when i came here. I can tell you want answers so now seems like a good time to tell you about whats going on."
Finally, well if im tempermental that mean he is dense. i didnt fallow him for schooling i fallowed him to figure out about the battles. And for once to figure out why i am so important. its a nice feeling i have to admit.
"see this?"
He held up a beautiful cross. it almost looked familar. but i could not put my finger on it. I reached out for it and he dropped it in my hand. It was gold and the cross had a wired tribal design in it. and it was on a gold chain. It was beautiful. "well i got to be honest rachield, its to girly for you." He looked down at his feet and took his right hand and grabed the back of his neck. and said "its yours. it was supposed to be passed down to you. but when i came here it flashed to me. This is how we are connected i wear it and you say the words and i react. if it is broken melted or ruined in anyway i return to my world" with that he put the cross back around his neck. Now i remember it. My mom told me that her mother had a necklace that she was given. It was passed down to the youngest daughter, but my mom lost it. well there it is.
Just then he pushed me to the ground. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" how rude and inconsiderate. now im furious, not only did he push me but he was laughing about it. then he stopped adbutly "You need to have better guard. now lets learn to fight." my eyes are wide now. He has to be joking fight him. He is a good foot taller then me and wider. irritated now, roared "stop doubting yourself. you need to learn to use the opponites weight against them, so you can take down a person that is five times as big as you and yes it will happen." and before i could even comprehend what he was saying he hit me in my stomach then my arm "OW!!" My other arm my chest "try to block me Liddy" blow after blow my hands cant keep up with him. but it hurts. hasnt he ever heard that its rude to hit a girl clearly not. Just then he hit me in the stomach. i hunched and doubled over in pain. That hurt. "So is that it your not gonna block my punches or try to fight back? your only defense is that your a child?" That jerk im not a child! Im not! im little im petite. His hand is bigger then my head. But that does not make me a child. Then i didnt even realize what i was doing i was throwin punches everywhere anywhere towards him. I was just letting out all my frustrations out on him. Well thats not very nice. ok i think im starting to calm down now. yes.
"i blocked every one of your punches, you hit like a girl" he said with a smirk
"well news flash i am a girl, and so what, just dont call me a child again im not! and if you think for a second that im..."
at that moment i heard laughing. it wasnt mine. or rachields. well then who.
"look what the cat drug in Missy." Oh no not again how many people can there be. this world is big, why are they all here. this is annoying.
"Yes i see a fight has started and we didnt even do anything yet" that second voice. it was annoying it was high pitched, up there with nails on a chalk board, and skwaky. i wanted to peel my ears off. Then they came into sight. One was tall. she was toned and olive colored her eyes were like green gemstones and her features where much to pretty to be human. The other one was shorter then I and thats saying something. With shoes on i am 5 foot 3 at least. her skin was red brown and burned. she looked like she was thrown in a fired and pulled out before it consumed her life. Then I glanced at Rachield his fist were tight, his knuckles where becoming white. Great, another fight. but which one is which.
"luvidia" the tall one yelled ok so now i know the short one is the shapeshifter, or what ever they call themselves. I looked at Rachield and he was on the ground shaking. I ran over and leaned down next to him protecting him form this unknown. I then looked and the tall blonde was looking at me with amazement, said something i couldnt hear. The blonde took ear plugs out of her ears and walked over to me. what was it rachield said be on guard ok.
"how did that scream not effect you?" genuwin curiousity.
scream? is that why missy"s mouth was open she was letting out a scream. i can only imagine how it would be if her voice is that annoying i dont even want to hear her scream. wait, i didnt. now that i think about it Rachield was screaming in pain to and i didnt hear it. I went deaf after hearing the name of the spell. "I..I dont know." then i realized that Rachield and missy had begun fighting the blondes attention was on me. now is my chance now is the time to strike. Oh what was the first spell again. oh great time to forget.
the blonde went on talking."that scream affects the nervous system and brings anyone down, giving us time to find the gem and destroy it. How is it that you run to him let alone stand." Is this girl stupid i just said i didnt know what else did she what a college paper telling her i have know idea how i did what i did. OH thats it thats the word. Now just keep my eyes on Rachield and i can see his attack.
"CALVEROUS!" and then everything went white a gain and then soundless. i cant hear now. last time i could. oh maybe because missy is yelling. But why cant i see. and why is this white nothing lasting longer. then my vision started to come to. Rachield was standing over me. When did i fall to the ground.Why do i still have no answers. "Liddy, Liddy! LIDDY!!" each time he said my name my heart grew to him. after not hear anything i liked hearing him. "what, what happened?" he looked at me confused. "you didnt see again. well this is not good. my attack didnt kill them just stopped them. we need to go. Liddy, Liddy?" and there i go back into oblivion. still with my questions but unable to talk or comperhend anything im safe. i know im in his arms. but before i lost complete consicioness i heard that chalkboard voice with a evil laugh then proclaimed victory saying "you really think you can run away and it will be...."
black thats what it is.
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