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Poem for my friend Sarah
Her eyes are innocent olive orbs,
Wide and childlike, though
The thoughts which lurk behind them
Are quite different.
A spark of something,
Beautiful and iridescent and unknown
Glows within her.
Droll mannerisms, her idiosyncrasies,
Endear her.
She is a crystal in the sunlight,
Throwing rainbows on the world.

She is fond of the darkness,
Perhaps because it is easier
To love something than to fear it.
She is drawn to tales
Of blood and death and the undead,
She herself has been touched by the twilight,
And though her spirit still shines bright,
She carries a weight within her.

This wide-eyed girl who hides her shadows,
Who dreams of being someone else,
She is unaware of her own true worth,
Cannot see her soul, where beauty dwells.
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