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whatever were they thinking??

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Line Count: 12 lines

New Prompt!
Aliens land bringing us a birthday present. (They consider our day of birth to be our first step into space – April 12, 1961.)
It has taken them this long to reach Earth to give us our birthday present. What is the present they bring?


Your gift to help us celebrate our first steps in your realm
tho late, have made us see we’re glad that you are at your helm!

The ingenuity you’ve shown in helping us to see
how much our world has needed your creativity!

We know your Swiffer Wetjet has taken too long to come—
but now that it’s here, we know it will make our cleaners hum!

I know you meant for us to ride it high up in the sky,
but since you’ve tried to ride it here, you know it doesn’t fly!

It took you years to get here riding on that flimsy stick,
and if you think we’re riding on that thing, your brains are thick!

So, thank you for your innovative birthday gift, so strange!
We’ll use it well; we’ll really clean our lives up for a change!
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