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by Man S
Rated: · Poetry · Tragedy · #1711029
The Man isolates himself in his own world. Ultimately He kills himself.

Light quivers and inches into my darkness
My somber eyes reluctant to welcome
My heart throbs at its slicing sharpness
While the pain shoots at random.

I see a hazy figure silhouetted against the door
Then something pierces me to pick my phone
I hurl it despicably tumbling myself on the floor
And the phone lay at its feet with a drone

I bat my eyelids as the figure bends
With the phone swept aside it whispers a moan
I see clearly a dangling metal with shining ends
Screech of the shoes goads me to hear tone

Tone that I have often fancied at grave
Replete with pangs and serene pains
I reclined on bed and sounded brave
Trying to figure now what remains.

The figure stood beside my side
Locked his eyes onto mine burning blaze
Oh how can anyone dare to hide?
All those injustice done in days!

Shining blade flashed its cruel intention
Tearing sensation spreading down
What followed hardly needs any mention
It is me that was done to ground.

With half closed eyes I looked askance
Sailing deep into eternity of doom
I heard the cold voice sans assonance
You killed me in your self-created room.


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