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A prize winner in the summer Auction of ODTG netted the search for them.
Jesse, Donna, Melissa, Jennifer, Anthony and Cynthia
A WDC Tenth Anniversary Family Affair Acrostic
by Steve Cope

Just look at the view.  Its so soothing.
Every line, hue, and shade as if it were painted there.
See the bird, flapping mightily against the wind.
Seeking to reach it's destination, and another meal.
Enter into the waters, dive through the crests, there is peace.

    Jesse in the Hebrew means "God Exists"/"Upright".

Daily the world does turn and brings challenges, toils, labors, and opportunity.
Only the beginning of the day will determine the way the rest of it progresses.
Never giving up, always looking forward, and seeing the goal are keys to facing a day.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. 
All moments of time counting down.  As the day ends, seek to put it behind, looking forward.

    Donna in the Italian means "Refined Lady"/"Dependent".

Millions are made and lost on a single day.
Evidence of progress, and digression in some ways.
Learning from the outcome of each brings wisdom.
In the fields the grass, trees, and acres of crops grow over time.
Shaping their destiny; actions occur that lead to change; some good, and some not as much.
Shearing/pruning the crops allow for new growth.  So too are the challenges we face.
Adding to our wisdom every day is a key to progress, and this acrostic now moves to Jennifer.

    Melissa in the Greek means "Honey Bee"/"Industrious", "Creative."

Jennifer, a writer in the community known as the WdC, won a special prize.
Etched into the fabric of this acrostic are pearls of wisdom, progress, change, and set backs.
No day is guaranteed to come to a close full of happiness and accomplishment.  Life occurs!
Nearer to the ones who we trust and love must we draw, learning and growing along the way.
In the sky a cloud wafts by on the gentle breeze, looking dark and ominous it merges with others.
Fierce rain in sheets spatters hither and yon, creating lakes, soaking bones, feeding the earth.
Evening comes and a day draws to a close, the pitter-patter of the rain, a quieting drum beat.
Rain ends and suddenly everything is quiet.  The earth has been nourished and settles down.

    Jennifer in the Welsh means "Fair"/"Trusting".

Keiki, is a family name, and in the Hawaiian it means "child".  It is an uncommon name for a girl, and is also less common as a surname.  The uniqueness of the name adds to the mystique and singularity of the family that is known as the Keiki's.

Anthony is Jennifer's son. 
Next will be her daughter Cynthia, the final names of the WdC
Tenth Anniversary Family Affair Acrostic.
How graceful and steady is the progress of the butterfly. Flapping a myriad number of times,
Open to the winds the wings prevail and lead to the final destination of this glorious creation.
No one knows for certain what their final destination is, but one can seek to insure eternal fate.
Yes eternity will be spent in eternal fellowship with the Lord, or in the horror of Satans tortures.

    Anthony in the Latin means "Praise Worthy"/"Prosperous."

Come along on a boat ride,
Yield to the rhythm of the waves.
Nestle into the cabin where you reside.
Thinking about the grace that saves.
Happiness, contentment, peace found at last.
In the beginning, middle, and end of the day rejoice.
And in the end everyone will see that life really is worth the living, one-day-at-a-time.

    Cynthia in the Greek means "Moon"/"Celestial Light."

Jesse, Donna, Melissa, Jennifer and two brothers make up the Keiki's history.  Anthony and Cynthia, Jennifer's children are an important part of the family that is the Keiki's. 
On this; the 10th Anniversary of the WdC; this Acrostic a Family Affair is this writers way to say:  Congratulations to Jennifer for winning this prize and for the rich heritage that is found in the names of but a small part of the family.

Serving Him by serving you,
Copenator out!
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