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An interview with my main character, Devo, about his background story.
“My youth? Hahaha… I don’t know, it wasn’t really much special I guess. I was born from my mother, Kayla, and my father, Lucken. No rape, no accidents, no mistakes, just two people loving each other who wanted a child. Also, I grew up in a normal home. No fancy rich people, not living on the street, very normal. No wait, I’m wrong, it was a dual house, our neighbours were very friendly so my parents and our neighbours decided that they’d break the wall between the two houses so that it’d be one huge house. It worked perfectly, even when I and the other kid, what was his name again…” the grey wolf seemed to think. The chair he was sitting on cracked a little as he changed positions, the empty room echoing his sound. “Rick! That was it, Rick. A normal red fox, if I recall correctly, safe for that one black spot he had on his back. Nothing too special, Rick and I pretty much grew up as brothers. He got his mother’s genes, the red fox one, his father was a grey fox. Both my parents are grey wolves so there wasn’t much of a doubt there.”

“What, my name?” the wolf continued. “My name’s Devo Sleet. Sorry I forgot about that, but you didn’t ask either. Now that I’m on it, I’m twenty-one years old, born on June 1st of 1994. I’m half Finnish and half American, my dad was Finnish. He met my mom on some sort of exchange, I don’t know, can’t really recall. I was born and raised in America, of course. Never learnt Finnish, no, didn’t really care about it too much. Anyway, you asked about my story, so if you don’t mind, I was on a roll, I’d rather keep on telling. Where was I?”

The wolf chuckled, “Ugh, my memory sometimes… Oh yeah, Rick and I grew up like brothers, though we didn’t share the same last name, or even animal type for that matter, in school we still told everyone we’re brothers. When I was 6 though, Rick and his parents moved out of nowhere, and from what I caught, left my parents with their debt. Right on that moment though, my dad got a promotion and my mom got back to working as well, since she thought I was old enough to come home alone on specific afternoons. Didn’t really need a nanny, I was quite a good kid, if I do say so myself. Never caused trouble until high school really. Though I was a good kid, I got bored. Video games kept me amused for a while, but back then, video games weren’t much special yet. I wanted to do something with my body. I was quite flexible like any kid, but unlike others, I was quite strong. So at the age of 7 I went to judo class. Though it was fun for a while, I wanted some more action. Surprised, my parents signed me up for kickboxing class. Now that’s where the fun begins.”

Devo smiles a little, “Ah, the memories. Most of the kids in that class were, well, kids. They couldn’t take a hit without starting to cry. Of course, I understand this now, being more mature and seeing the difference between me and 8-year olds. But back then, I couldn’t understand it. I saw adults fight and was amazed, they never cried. When they took a punch, they just gave one back. That’s how I wanted to fight, and that’s what I did. I never really… allowed myself to cry, if that makes sense. So my teacher was kinda caught up in the middle. I was too strong for the group I was in, but moving me up with the 10- to 12-year olds CERTAINLY wouldn’t have been good for me, he knew that, too. So he just kept me in practice and didn’t give me too many matches until I reached the age of 10 and could be moved up a group.  In there, things went a lot more evenly. I wasn’t really the best of the entire group, but for my age, I did quite well, I think I had a positive record back then. And of course I remember when I won my first tournament. No, nothing too big, they just held little tourneys inside the group itself. You know, just all the members versus each other. I was offered a spot in a local tournament only once, and I declined since if I couldn’t even beat my own class, how could I beat the best of other classes? Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that.”

“So life kept going on and on, I remember some girlfriends in there as well but I don’t think they were really significant… More of those young girlfriend-boyfriend thingies that lasted for 2 weeks y’know. High school came and theory-wise, it wasn’t much of a problem to me. I didn’t get all A’s… or B’s. But getting C’s was good enough for me, I mean, why complain about passing? I didn’t really aspire into a theoretical career anyway. In high school, my body started growing. Real muscles started building and I actually became a force to be reckoned with. I think that’s why I was never bullied, though I didn’t really have much friends either, and why I always pushed my luck. The teachers there didn’t really like me… But that’s because I didn’t like them, I never listened. I mean, what were they going to do to me? I only got suspended once in my entire high school time, and just got threatened to get kicked off, which worried my parents of course, but nothing came out of that. I pushed the limits and then bit the dust just in time to stay out of trouble. But I still stayed a good kid, I mean, I never smoked, drunk myself or did drugs. Didn’t feel the need to. But I focussed on my fighting prowess. I’d become better and better inside my age group on the kickboxing class that I was still in, but when I moved up to the adolescents group at the age of 15, my downfall came. I remember my record perfectly. In a year’s time, from age 15 ‘til almost 16, I won fourteen matches and had lost sixty-two. I became so agitated with this that I quit the kickboxing class. I mean, I can take a loss, but you gotta quit while you’re ahead. At that point, two major things happened in my life.”

“First of all, I met Carla. I… To this day, I really don’t know what to say. Everything just went too perfectly, it’s like karma said “let’s give this guy a break…” I’m still amazed by her every day, she’s just so… I can’t find a word for it other than Awesome. I’m amazed and I feel lucky every time I see her. If you haven’t figured yet, she’s my girlfriend, can’t think of another name for it. “Girlfriend” sounds so cheesy, so childish, yet, it has a nice ring to it… Anyway, she’s still mine today, 5 years later, I’m very proud of me if I may say so myself. She’s a blue arctic wolf by the way, 2 years younger than me, bit shorter, a fight as well, won’t go deep into that. I could go on and on and on about her, but that’d probably bore you, so I’ll skip to the part that might be interesting to you.”

“Not much later, I met Mirai. No, I didn’t get two girlfriends, Mirai was a boxer. Just like me, she had been overpowered by her group and had quit there. I can’t really recall how I met her, I blame karma for this one again. That’s not the important thing anyway, it’s what came out of it that matters. After befriending her, we exchanged stories, and then she made me a… interesting offer. Again, I don’t know why or how, it just happened, but she offered me a match. Of course, I accepted, but after being beaten down by her mercilessly, she offered me to be my boxing assistant. This was curious for a number of reasons. First of all, she had just beaten me down; she saw I wasn’t quite the fighter I am now, or was before. Secondly, she’s older than me, by two years to be exact. Lastly, our styles differed. Albeit not much, they were different. Nonetheless, as the Dutch say, never watch a given horse in the mouth. It means that you don’t doubt something that’s given to you by someone who you trust… Or something in that direction, I don’t really know how to explain it. Anyway, I hesitatingly accepted, and for years, continued to spar with Mirai, nearly perfecting my style. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that I was finally able to defeat her once, by TKO after 7 rounds, but I defeated her. To date, she is still my sparring partner, and although she still wins most of the time, which I blame on her being able to duck under my punches without ducking, she taught me everything I could learn and now it’s up to me to keep perfecting my style.”

“Around that time, I completed high school. Not being able to find a college that fits me, I decided to look for a way to make fighting my source of income. I joined an affiliation, which I still am in today, but it’s focussed on wrestling more than brawling. Since I get paid per match, a lack of matches means a lack of income. Having a house to keep and two maws to feed, I took up a job as a freelance journalist. Apparently, I’m quite good at writing. You may judge that one, I mean, this is being recorded, and I’m going to translate that into a writing which you may read. So on this day, Wednesday September 30th 2015, I’m writing this. I’m still a freelance journalist, I still do boxing at the aforementioned affiliation, Mirai is still my boxing assistant (even though I think she should be the one fighting the matches and I should be the one being her assistant, but whatever), Carla is still my girlfriend, I still have a house, I still have two maws to feed and I’m still Devo Sleet. That’s all you needed to know right? Right. Any other smartass who wanted to be funny and ask me a question that takes 3 pages to explain?”
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