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Describing the uselessness and false claims of Evangelists.
With all due, and well earned, respect; people like me are well aware of the Jesus to whom evangelizers refer. Though the literature about him and teachings ascribed to him are rather limited, considering his three decades of life, they are available in abundance and in quite a few translations.  There are many of us.  We're literate, every day people with an average range of common sense and intellect. 

I’m not aware of any priviledged writings in the exclusive possession of Evangelicals who claim to be Jesus’ followers. If such translations exist and contain secret information not available to the rest of us, I’d be very curious about them.

Except for that possible ‘hidden’ material, I see only two logical reasons to believe that an Evangelist is in possession of special knowledge of, or the inside track on Jesus' life example or ascribed verbal teachings.

Those would be:

1. Your garden variety Fundamentalist ‘Christian’ is a cut above other humans, being blessed with superior intellect and wisdom enabling a more authoritative understanding of Jesus' teachings.
2. Encountering a Fundamentalist that I have, sadly, thus far never met. That is, a person who’s life exemplifies in words and deeds the Jesus I’ve read about and studied with no small amount of curiosity.

Perhaps there is another reason to think that a 'Christian' Fundamentalist has something special or superior to offer me or any other literate person of normal intelligence, but I’m really hard put to come up with it.

Now if we want to consider those of our kind who are deficient in their ability to understand due to illiteracy, mental disability or mental laziness, Fundamentalists probably have something to offer people in those unfortunate states of existence; indeed, it becomes obvious to the most casual observer that many of these people are well represented at revivals, churches etc.

The botched are also well represented as rank and file members of and attendees of unions, political parties, zoos, circuses, waiting rooms of fortune tellers and Wal~Mart. Many very clever people are also to be found in churches. As mentioned, no disrespect is meant by adding a little sarcasm to what are true conditions.

What I find to be regrettable about those brighter people is their claims of special understanding to impart about Jesus and that they deign to lead others who cannot be viewed otherwise than having inferior human perceptual apparatus and therefore being in need of shepherding.

Look at the top and you always find lots of of  elder, men. Some churches exclusively, but all predominantly have the guidance of older men. Maybe it is something about testosterone that lends a delusion of superiority in gifts human.

Every world leader that has led humanity into folly has had a rich supply of testosterone.

Whether male or female, suffice to finish with the opinion that there is nothing an Evangelist has to offer that isn’t second hand, modified by doctrines of men and edited.

I recommend skipping the elitism and testosterone and going to the best sources available for information about Jesus. What is written or a teacher about Jesus who actually acts like him would seem more reliable.  Save your hard earned money.

So far, knocks at my door have only come from cherry picking counterfeits.

Religious notions and theologically based ideas are being constantly thrown at all aspects of open society, politics and the making of public law.  For this intrusion, vendors of theological propaganda expect to be accorded recognition as authorities. Why try to hide a proverbial elephant in the living room when it doesn’t belong there in the first place?  Why acknowledge something that doesn’t really even exist in the religious realm let alone the secular. 

That something is credibility.
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