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The Long and Winding Road

I remember listening to this song while I would ride on the roads of the country after leaving Detroit, Michigan to spend the rest of my life in Alabama. The roads always were beautiful at night. When I turned my head the silver maples blowing in the wind didn't seem like trees at all. The leaves would look like silver dollars blowing in the wind. They were parts of nature which to this day remains indescribable. The bugs on the side of the road their eyes would glow as the lightening bugs lite up the night.
Another part which touched my heart was the verse "The Long and Winding Road which leads me back to your arms" meant so much because it lead me to my first love in the south, first the nature and second to my first love. We were so close the summer of 1972 -- a love which was so hot it burned everything in its path. I loved him deeply. I can't look back on the love and tell you how get so close you couldn’t stick a pin between us.
The first love is very strong and powerful. There are many things, reminders of me in a carefree time when al that mattered waste two of us of what we “Yesterday” but then that’s another song, isn’t it?
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