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by Jennyj
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after 3 long years of trying and being rebuffed, I have found it!
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New Prompt!

No more birthday prompts

Life is crushing you down
until you find something
that changes your attitude
and makes you smile.

What is it you find,
how does it change you,
and what happens then?


To my precious little Ripley: after 3 long years of trying and being rebuffed, I have now found Acceptance at Last!

You’ve always been our ‘fraidy cat; your tiny size scared us
Into believing we scared you, cause all you did was fuss!
We tried to pet you but you ran to hide under the bed!
You never grew full size, and looked like you weren’t ever fed!
Your sibling cats all played with you as if you were their toy—
but lately now, your fear is gone; you really exude joy!
And now you’ve gotten brave enough to let me close to see
that you have freckles on your nose, as cute as they can be!
I didn'’t know cats grew freckles; yours are the first I’ve found,
And since you’ve let me see them now, you let me hang around
to pet you when the mood is right; I steal pets on my way--
and now you let me come up close; we play hard every day!
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