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Through Their Eyes

(Lights up on the first class section of an airplane, a girl is looking out her window and her mom is sitting next to her. Girl looks at her mom sadly, mom doesn’t notice while checking her computer contemplating her work, girl sighs. She goes back to staring out her window. Lights fade)

Charlie- You know I used to dream about what it would be like to start my life over. To be a new girl, someone nobody knew about. I could be anything I wanted. I could forget everything I use to be. Now that it’s come, I’m not sure I want it.

(Lights come up on stage left, a coffee joint. People are eating and laughing and talking with their friends. Charlie enters, all eyes turn to her. She removes her sunglasses. Charlie sits at the counter. People go back to what they were doing.)

Claire (cheerily)- Can I get you anything?

Charlie- Non- fat, decaf, soy, 2 pump mocha frapp please

Claire- Pardon?

Adrianna - Coffee, genius. (smirks and sits down)  I thought you were the smart one.

Claire (rushed and a little desperate)- I know it’s coffee, but what kind of coffee, because I need to be exact when I get the customer’s order so-

Adrianna (cutting here off)- Stop, I don’t care.

(Adrianna leaves; Claire turns her attention back to Charlie)

Claire (cheerily)- So what was it that you wanted again?

Charlie- Never mind, I just want water.

Claire- Ok, one water coming up.

(Claire leaves to the kitchen. Lights up on a big group of girls sitting at a table. They all stare at Charlie and whisper among themselves, some point. One girl gets up and sits next to Charlie.)

Alexis- OMG. I looooove your purse! Is it like Chanel? Lucky.

Charlie (a little shocked)- Uh, hello to you too. And thanks, yah it is. 

(Claire walks back in from the kitchen)

Claire- Hello Alexis, how are you today?

Alexis (preoccupied)- yah yah. Sooooo, what’s your name?

Charlie- My name’s Charlie, Charlie West.

Alexis- I’m Alexis. (sticks out her hand motioning for a hand shake)

(Charlie and Alexis shake hands. Claire stands and watches, still smiling)

Alexis (irritably)- Claire, where’s my burger?

Claire- But Alexis, you didn’t ord-

Alexis- Claire, NOW

Claire- Ok, what kind of bur-

Alexis- What part of now don’t you understand?

Claire- Sorry, right on it Alexis.

(Claire walks into the kitchen with a quizzical look on her face)

Alexis- Sorry.

Charlie- It’s fine.

Alexis (rapidly)- So, you new here? Where do you live? What school do you go to? Where are you from? (getting faster, Claire walks out from the kitchen but stand in the corner> No one sees her.) What do you like to do? Are you a cheerleader? Do you play an instrument? (chuckles) Like, EWWWW! Do you have any friends? Do you live in a huge house? Have you ever been to Europe? I wanna go. Do you like diet? How are you so skinny? You’re like really pretty. What make-up do you wear? (Picks up her hand) What lotion do you use? (Smells it) OMG, you smell amazing! What perfume do you use? What shampoo do you use? (Puts down hand and hold some of her hair) Your hair is so soft! Jealous! You have to teach me your secrets!!! We should hang out some time! Do you wanna? You should meet my friends! They’re awesome girls. Do you like compliment? Do you like people to pawn over you? Do you like being popular?

Charlie (shocked, a little freaked out)- Um, uhh live, here. School, Dinosaur High. Um, Where I’m from, LA. Uhhh, I forgot the next question. And the one after that and the one after that and-

Alexis- OMG, I got to Dinosaur High too! You totally need to hang with me and the girls! I’ll be right back.

(Alexis gets up and leaves and goes back over to her friends, Claire walks back over to Charlie)

Claire- Oh, Alexis

Charlie- Is she always like that?

Claire- Yah, Adrianna loved attention. So Alexis and the others would pawn over her anytime possible.

Charlie- Adrianna….?

Claire- Their leader, the queen bee. Or, should I say, ex-queen bee. Adrianna left the school last year and her “possey” has been looking for a replacement ever since.

Charlie- Ahhhhhhhh I see. So they (points at the group of girls) are…

Claire- The popular girls.

Charlie- mmmmhhhhh (looks at them, turns aaway and faces forward. In deep thought)

Alexis- Girls, I think we may have found a replacement.

(Lights Out)

(Alexis walks in followed by the popular girls. They stand on either side of the door and turn around to watch as Charlie “enters.”  They walk down the hall and everyone turns from what they’re doing to watch. The girls strut down the hall. Charlie gleams as she walks. They all hug and air cheek kiss, the girls walk away. Charlie walks up to her locker. Charlie starts taking books out of her locker. Brad walks up.)

Brad- Hey 

(Charlie takes a deep breath, turns around and smiles)

Charlie (confidently)- Hi

Brad- So you’re Charlie right?

Charlie- Yah

Brad- The new girl

Charlie- The very same

Brad- So, you’re Alexis’s new friend

Charlie- And you know a lot about me

Brad- Well I always need to know about girls as pretty as you, well if they existed.

Charlie- Hmmmmm…. And you are?

Brad- Well I’m Brad, you know quarterback, homecoming king, (turns to face the audience and gives a cocky smile) the hottest guy at school-

Charlie (sighing)- Mmhhmmm…

Brad (not noticing)- And naturally you being the hottest girl I must ask you out.

Charlie- Ok

Brad- So?

Charlie- Well, naturally, being the popular girl I need the quarterback as my boyfriend.

Brad- Perfect

(A girl walks up to her locker, but Brad’s leaning up against it.)

Locker girl (timidly)- Uh, excuse me, can you move I need to get to my locker.

Brad (irritated, turns to her)- Beat it!

(Brad turns back to Charlie, smiles.)

Brad- So I’ll see you later, girlfriend.

(They exchange smiles, Brad winks and walks away. Charlie squeals and goes back to her locker gleaming like she just won an Oscar. Claire walks up behind her.)

Claire- He’s a cutie isn’t he.

Charlie- I know right! (Squeals, turns) Oh, sorry, I never got your name.

Claire- It’s Claire. And your Charlie.

Charlie- Yep. How did you know?

Claire- You’re Miss Popular! Everyone knows your name.

Charlie- Seriously?! (Smiles and sighs, taking in her newfound position)

(Drew walks up behind Claire, he doesn’t notice Charlie)

Drew- Hey Claire can you help me? I need to study for Mr. Miller’s exam. Charlie- Who gives and exam the first week of school? 

(Drew notices Charlie and stares. He’s mesmerized by her beauty

Claire- Mr. Miller I guess.

Charlie-That’s so lame. Like EWWWWW

Claire- Yah? (turns to Drew) Sure, anything to help a friend out.

(Drew breaks from his stare at Charlie)

Drew (awkwardly)- Yah… (looks to Charlie) Hi, you are… Charlie?

Charlie- The very same. (smiles) I better get to class, don’t wanna be late.

(Charlie closes her locker and walks off to class. Claire looks at Drew, he’s watching her walk away.)

Claire- (she waves her hand in front of his face) Hello?

Drew- Her descriptions don’t do her justice.

Claire- Yes, and she’s taken. Drew, you know what happened last time. Pretty doesn’t mean good.

Drew- But she seems different… special. You know sweet, kind, (trailing off) amazing…

Claire- You’ve know her for less than a minute.

Drew- And?

Claire- I just don’t want you to get hurt.

(Lights Fade)

Charlie (from off stage)- It was really happening. I was one of them. Popular! I’m someone. No more nobody. Now I’m in control. Finally, I feel like I fit in.

(Lights up, the hallway. Charlie’s at her locker, Alexis and the girls walk up.)

Alexis- Hey hun!

Charlie- Hey!

(They air cheek kiss and hug.)

Charlie- Hey Paige, Zoe

Paige & Zoe- Hey Charlie

Alexis- OMG! Movies, this Saturday, girls weekend!!!!

Paige- Perf!

Zoe- Count me in! I totally need a break from school.

Paige- We’ve like only been in school for a week. And you don’t do any schoolwork…

Zoe- And….?

Paige- OMG! Neither do I!

Charlie- I don’t know I’ve got to study for the history test.

Alexis- Study? What are you a nerd????

Zoe- Yah nerd! I bet you like do your homework???

Paige- OMG, like nerdy nerd! Ha

(Zoe and Paige laugh at Charlie. Alexis glares at them, they don’t notice. Alexis turns her attention to Charlie. She looks at her)

Alexis- Studying? Really hun? Or should I say nerd?

Charlie- Ha ha got you guys, ha. Study, HA, what am I some nerd? No, I’m totally in.

Alexis- KK, see you later hun.

Paige & Zoe- Bye Charlie

Charlie- Bye girls.

(Bell rings, Charlie starts to walk away, Drew bumps into her.)

Drew- Oh sorry.

Charlie- It’s fine. Hey, you’re Claire’s friend…

Drew- Drew

Charlie- Drew, cool name.

Drew- Thanks.

Charlie- You’re in my English class right?

Drew- Yah, so you’re a Junior too then?

Charlie- Sophmore actually

Drew- Smart sophmore then, advanced AP English. I thought I was a nerd. (smiles)

Charlie (mater-of-factly)- I’m not a nerd

Drew- No just a smart popular girl

Charlie- They exist you know.

Drew- They do now.

Charlie- Well I got to go, bye.

Drew- Bye.

(Charlie walks away, Drew watches. He sighs, turns and walks the other way. Lights fade.)

Mom (angrily)- Yes I moved. We needed a new setting. (pauses) Yes we. (pauses) I don’t have to deal with you. (pause) Yah, all I have to do is hang up the phone! (pauses) I’m not arguing with you right now, Charlie will be home any minute. (pauses) Yah you get back to your girlfriend! I’ve got better stuff to do then talk to you!!!!

(Lights up. Charlie’s house, her mom is in the kitchen.)

Mom- GOODBYE! (slams her phone shut, sighs sadly)

(Charlie walks in texting, drops her bag on the couch.)

Charlie- Hey mom, can I go to the movie this weekend with some friends?

Mom- Sure. How was school?

Charlie- Whatever, Can you drive me to the Coffee House?

Mom- Sure honey.

Charlie- K, I’m gunna go get dressed. Be down in a sec.

Mom- OK honey.

(Charlie goes upsairs, mom sits down.)

Mom- What happened to my baby girl? She barely talks to me. Maybe moving was a bad idea. But I couldn’t stay, HE was too close. ( Mom goes into thought, stares off into the distance.)

(Charlie comes downstairs, Mom looks up from her thinking.)

Charlie- Let’s go.

Mom- Ok

(They leave to drive to the Coffee House)

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