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A Poem About Missing The One You Love.
I wish I could have a spell to cast,
to take these feelings away.
Blink them into the shadows of time,
or hide them forever in yesterday.

My heart hurts but there is no pain,
no pills or potions for this.
It's too deep inside, this ache of mine.
I'll suffer! for one more kiss...

I want to smile, to crack this mask:
'Laugh it off', they say.
The best medicine for this mood of mine,
is a touch from you today.

But it's only a feeling and it will pass,
but time ticks cruelly slow.
Tomorrow I'll start all over again,
as a tide in ebb and flow.

I want to scream how much I miss you,
but yes I will resist.
Slowly but surely I'll raise this shroud,
like sun does a morning mist..

I know in time these feelings will subside,
they are mine alone to control.
I wish they didn't raise their heads,
but now it's time they roll.

Those magical times we spend together,
are grains that make the sand.
My soul is building a castle for us,
my Love it's plot of land

Whatever the distance, the time or place,
she is always in my dreams,
like the stars will court the moon at night,
love sparkles for me, it seems!

I can love her in a million ways,
can she see it in my heart?
For it's in there that I hold her close,
It's only outside we're apart.


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