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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #1755979
A very unique creature finds herself in a strange situation and wishes are grante.
Magic Dust and Crystal Decanter

Before I was awake that eventful morning I, being a creature of superior sensitivity and perception knew that something was not quite right.  I had trained myself through the need for my own safety and preservation, not to open my eyes too soon or move too quickly as I came awake.  That being the case, I began to evaluate my situation in a precise manner.

First I wiggled my nose and twitched my whiskers as I caught a strange but not unpleasant aroma surrounding me.  I opened my mouth and yawned and my tongue caught a taste I had never experienced before.  It was a rather exciting flavor and I thought I might like it if I found it again.

Then I stretched my limbs to waken my sleep-laden muscles and rolled over onto my back.

This was extremely mysterious for the surface I found myself lying on was hard and cool, perhaps like glass.  I remembered being curled up on my sunshine yellow pillow which was soft and fluffy, and I wondered where it could have gone.

I began to think of the last things I could recall before I found myself in this odd place, wherever it was.

I had finished my evening milk, taken my bath with special attention to that black spot behind my ear I could never quite reach and drifted off happily and innocently to dreams of chasing butterflies and basking in the sunshine of a summer day.  And now this.

In order to be more comfortable and to explore a bit more I extended my front legs upward and stretched as far as I could into what seemed to be a narrow passageway or a neck made of the same hard cool material.

I lay there for a moment considering.  Although the space was confining, everything seemed to fit rather well.  The only problem was that I could not extend my beautiful furry tail as I would have liked and it ended up being tucked between my hind legs and began, seemingly on its own, to swish back and forth across my nose in growing irritation.

I then realized what had happened.  That darn Fairy Cat Mother was up to her old tricks.  She had spiked my mild with Magic Dust again and was probably watching and laughing at me this very moment.

In my experience with her over the last few months I had awakened in desk drawers, kitchen sinks and high in a maple tree three doors down the block.  Recently I had the unfortunate adventure of clawing my way out of a twenty pound bag of potting soil in the Misses' garden shed.  I am still finding dirt in my fur and I think that spot behind my ear is even more stubborn than before.  Why did I have to get the Prankster who was the last in her class at Fairy School to look after me?

I could put it off no longer.  I slowly and cautiously opened first one ey and then the other.  I looked around but to my grave disappointment I could see nothing.  The world seemed to be in half-light and shadow.

In frustration and with a mighty sigh I meowed,  "I wish I could see where I am."

Just then a light from the hallway came on and one of the Little Humans of the house scurried by.  As quickly as it had appeared the light was extinguished but there had been time enough to get my bearings.  I realized I was inside a crystal decanter on the Mister's bar.  He never liked me to be there and many times I have been picked up and rather roughly deposited on the floor in a very unkind and rude fashion.  Now as I assessed the situation I muttered to myself, "I wish someone would find me.  But not the Mister."

By this time I was getting very bored and sleepy again.  I closed my eyes and settled in for a morning nap.  After all there was nothing to be done now but wait and think about things later.

I don't know how long I slept or what awakened me but my lovely and extremely sensitive ears had perked up at some muffled sounds.  It seemed  the house was waking up and there were distant voices and dishes clattering.  That reminded me that I was getting hungry and my already irritated tale swished even more madly across my nose wafting the aroma of breakfast my way.

Soon the two Little Humans were racing around as they  always did when the Misses tried to corner them to get them dressed for the day.  I was rather glad they could not squeeze my neck or pull my beautiful tail.

Then I heard them calling my name and knew they really were looking for me.  I didn't have time to decide if this was good or bad.  I felt a great shaking and trembling all around me and could barely make out a pair of candy-sticky hands before I was buffeted about inside the decanter.  The little male Human had climbed up on the stool by the bar and was swinging the crystal by the neck and yelling in the only voice he had, the top of his lungs, "Mommy, Mommy, Look.  Jeanie's in the bottle!"

In a split second of time, when I was not thinking clearly, when my head was being bumped painfully against the hard cool surface and I was upside down and backwards with my swishing tail up to my eyes now, I made an unfortunate plea.  I cried out, "Oh, I wish he would drop this bottle."

Things really do seem to happen in slow motion.  I could feel the decanter drift from his fingers and knew it was surely headed for the sharp edge of the bar.  I could see it strike and bar and feel it shatter into a thousand pieces onto the floor.  After that things happened very quickly.  I picked myself up and shook as much glass as I could off my fur and checked to see that all four paws were intact.  I took a brief glance at the chaos of the crying little Human and the angry Misses standing with her hands on her hips.No one was looking at me and that was alright.  At least I was free.  Now I was off to find that Fairy Cat Mother and make her put me back to my natural size and then I would attack that bacon left of the kitchen counter.
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