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Your Fideism
A book that predicts endless death and suffering. The same book depicts history and events of the same nature, but includes magic performed by humans. No predictions of magic though, just destruction. For thousands of years we knew what man was going to be and do, and not one of us could change it. From this same book one finds solace in our existence? Some words transcribed in this book are supposedly of "God". In which this God tells us of human lifes point of existence. It is to worship or live for said "God". Then what of free will? So we are to live our life for God, the same God that predicts thousands of years of suffering for all of humanity? To what advantage does one gain in serving this God, when the outlook of its predicted future is paved with tribulation? I would think that words of a "God", nevertheless humanitys God, in which according to this book we are made in it's image, would be how to alleviate such heinous predictions, and not how to worship and be furthermore enslaved inside it's predicted religion. I ask, why warn us and not give solutions? I see no work of an omnipotent God, but of an existence created by apparent design.
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