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A Shakespearean-like scene between a Protagonist and Satan.
(Enter) Protagonist & Satan


Alas, I feel my end is coming. 'Tis near.

The night has arrived, the air has grown quiet in a symphony of blissful silence,

And my day has waned.

Even the owl above that tree branch is keeping a watchful eye. 'Tis wondering why I stare at it so vigorously.

Thou might be the last living flesh I set eyes upon before my departure O quiet friend.

What's that? What's that thy sharp ears attune to?

An unknown presence lurks beyond those pine trees.

You there, come out from the shadows and show thy self.


You dare call upon what thou cannot see or comprehend.


Who might thou be, sir? Man. Beast. Friend or foe.


Nay. I am no man. I man no beast.

A friend indeed yes. In fact the only friend at that.

Who am I is a questioned answered from whence time came.

I am the prince of darkness,

The conjurer of conjurers,

I am the unholiest of unholy,

The shadow beneath the darkness,

I am the voice from within,

The image of thy alter egos,

I am the manipulator of truths,

The underminer of wills,

I am the illusionist that sets the stage,

The messiah of falsehood incognito,

I am the parasite that feeds on thy weaknesses,

'Tis my nourishment in a world consumed with pleasure and pain,

I could be thy best of friends or thy worst enemy,

I can heal broken wounds and grant thee temporary happiness,

I am the trapper of souls,

The lover of hate and desire,

I am the endless whisperer,

The most cunning of foxes,

The phantom which thou cannot see,

I can give hope to the feeble-minded then stripe them of their dignities,

I can appear in a thousand different appealing faces and thou won't tell the difference,

I am the ultimate power and the donor of power,

I am the invisible flame from whence I rule the Underworld,

My name is the Deceiver.

Join me, friend. Let me hand thee unearthly powers within the grip of thy hands.

Together we shall rule the Underworld in eternal bliss, you and I,

Thou shall witness vast, endless, rivers of gold and other unseen, unheard of, riches,

Hordes of beautiful women will be at thy feet and at thy command,

Endless frolics, revelry and feasts till our heart's content,

There will be the finest music, naked dances and the finest wine.

Join me, and I'll rid thee of thy suffering,

Thy hour has arrived.


Thy description of thy self is tremendously overwhelming,

Yet thy offer is wondrously tempting to decline.

But my peace, 'tis with the Gods.

If I was trickling the last drops of blood I will never join thee.

Let the skies fall, let the earth shatter, let fires burn till it reaches the world's end.

But never will I surrender my soul to thee, demon.


Foolish minion, dare to choose thy suffering over my salvation?


My suffering is my salvation.


Thou shall rot in thy own filth, until 'tis forgotten.

But heed my words, minion, when the day of thy eternal suffering comes, remember who's merciful hand thou spat upon when thou was weak

and dying.


(Exit) Satan


The hour is upon me now,

I meet the Gods with a clean conscious and a clean heart.

Farewell O kind earth,

To a better world I go,


(Exit) Protagonist
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