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Acrostic fulfilling package win. Her port is a blessing to review.
Carol St. Ann
Your name an acrostic
by Steve Cope
In honor of your auction win in the Wdc

Coral is a precious creation found in the sea.
Ah the wonder of it's formation and value.
Real life is found in these shoots of color explosion.
Opening wide or extending just a feeler, variety abounds.
Like a microcosm of life in itself.

Sea life is abundant and precious in His eyes.
These are but a small vision of the variety of life.

All creatures great and small, you might recall,
Nearly always revolved around Gods creatures.
Newly born or cantankerously old they all are cared for.

Carol St. Ann as much as the Lord loves all of these creatures on display, He loves more and more His greatest creation, and that is you, your loved ones, and your extended family.  Know that He sees you one and all as precious in His sight.  He sees you as worthy of being gathered in under His wings as a mother hen would gather her chicks in.

Carol in the German means "strong"/"melody"/"song"
St. Ann is rich in heritage and to name just a few:
A Catholic saint. 
Tradition speaks of Saint Ann, the mother of Mary, the grandmother of Jesus.
Anne Originates also from the Greek word Hannah and means "Grace". 

Thank you for showing grace, style, and concern for others by bidding in the auctions on the WdC, for by doing so you are impacting the world of others on the WdC and beyond.
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