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Challenge 1 in the WdC Survivor Competition - Dialogue Only!
"Lenore, please. Please. You're giving me agita."

"What am I doing wrong this time?"

"Don't do that."


"That thing you always do, pretending not to know what I'm talking about. Batting those big green eyes, pouting those lips, aaand... cue the perfectly-timed tilt of the head. There it is."

"I'm just reading the classifieds - you don't have to be so sensitive Val."

"You are reading over my shoulder, which you know I hate. Sometimes I think you do things simply to annoy me."

"I also like to roughly pet cats in the opposite direction of their fur, just for fun. They love it"

"That isn't funny, that shit really upsets cats."

"Hence why I do it. Apparently I'm a thoughtless bitch who enjoys intentionally provoking things that have claws and a temper."

"That's not what I said!"

"Maybe not, but I know it's what you meant. Nothing is ever good enough for you, and I'm constantly overstepping some invisible line you have drawn in the sand. No normal human being could possibly keep up with all the crazy things that give you agita, Val. And where do you get off using a word like that anyway? You may be smarter than me, but I am Italian! Not you!"

"You're being dramatic Lenore."

"You're an egotistical perfectionist Val."

"Is that all?"

"You're obsessive-compulsive and I can't stand the way you eat your food, so slow and with everything cut up into tiny pieces."

"Anything else?"

"Your hair is stupid."

"Feel better now?"

"Maybe a little."

"You are so sexy when you're all riled up like that. Just beautiful."

"Shutup Valene."

"Look... You can read the paper with me, just sit beside me instead of standing over me, alright?"

"Why don't you put that damn paper down, come over here, and do something more useful with those hands?"

"Hell woman, I thought you'd never ask..."

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