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Quotations I've made along the way
All quotes listed below are my own wording of things I've learned or felt through my life, I don't claim to have come up with any of the ideas for them, only my own poetic voice in speaking them, if i may call it that *Pthb*

- Sometimes a little peace is all we need to feel whole

- If I don't act as if, it will be as if I had never acted at all

- We fight our fears with the very weapons from which they are bred

- A poor manipulation gives you lies and walks away with materials, an average manipulation gives you information and walks away with your dignity, a fantastic manipulation gives you truth and walks away with your trust

- Has anyone taken note that 'I' really is the center of 'The Universe' ?

- My reputation is built in your mind, my character is built in mine.

- If you have troubles accepting a gift, you may want to start by accepting yourself.

- They say the grass is greener on the other side. I say there are no sides, and there is more to life than green fields.

- A doctor asked me if I suffer from hallucinations, to which I asked 'Would I know?'

- I'd like to thank Life for always giving me the time of day. I'd also like to thank the Sun for trying to always keep things light, I know I can be a bit too serious sometimes. And lastly I'd like to thank Air, I couldn't have done this without you!

- If you’re always looking for something better than something you’ll appreciate nothing better than nothing.

- Sadly, as I'm laying here trying to fall asleep, all that I can think about is whether or not I should like Trojans? They are a virus... and a protection...

- There is no fail if you see everything as practice

- Make no mistake, you're perfect.

- Love, not be be loved in return, but to be returned to Love.

- When speaking admirable traits of character, I'd say patience holds a lot of weight...

- The only thing which brings an end to right now, is right now.

- A moment is born into itself, and dies of itself.

- To be strong does not need to mean
You can break down doors,
But instead to open doors
For those who have been broken down.

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