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by Yuki
Rated: 13+ · Other · Drama · #1777824
A love story that blooms between a boy who has a secret and a girl who is lonely
Chapter One:

         Last year a new Korean boy group formed and debuted. They were called, “Obsessed,” and when I heard their song on the radio, my heart skipped a beat. I heard the voice of an angel. It was so soft, but it had a nice, loud ring to it. That was the first time I’d fallen in love, and it was with a kpop idol. His stage name is SD, but his real name is Shin Dae Hyun. He’s 182 centimeters and he lives in Seoul, Korea. He has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He has an older brother, parents, and for what I know, a pet dog. Dae Hyun first debuted with Obsessed and I know he’s done some side commercials. Dae Hyun is my first love~ my only love, and I will never get to meet him.

         By the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Choi Yun Hee. I was born in Japan, live in Korea, and am 100% full Korean. My parents and I moved from Japan when I was a baby, so I have no memories of there. People sometimes say I act like a Japanese, slacking off in certain areas of my school work, but I try my best. I’ve been in love with Dae Hyun ever since that day I heard his voice on the radio. The song was called, “Welcome to my world, Love”. It was a hit song for about 2 weeks, I still listen to it everyday though. Dae Hyun currently has a girlfriend says the news media, but he’s to busy so I don’t believe it. My life is just a casual one; my dad works for the local newspaper, my mom owns a flower shop, and I go to school. Do I have many friends? No, not really. People made up stupid rumors about me and my family, and the way I was raised, so people don’t really get close to me. One last thing about me: I’m Obsessed’s Number One Fan.

         It’s getting closer to winter time right now and everyone is getting ready for the upcoming exams. “I heard we get a new transfer student today.” “Oh really? Is it a guy?” “I wonder if he’s hot!!” All the girls in class are talking about the new transfer student coming today. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but they haven’t fully attended school for a year. The teacher said to treat him as well as we can and make him feel welcomed. Since I sit in the back, the new kid would probably sit next to me. This might be my chance.

         The teacher walks into class and everyone gets into their seats. The boys always slack back and the girls always sit up straight. “We have a new transfer student today~ please welcome him, his name is Shin Min Soo,” the teacher announces as a tall boys walks into the class. He has light brown hair and a perfect shaped face. His eyes sparkle and I feel my heart beat faster. What’s this feeling? I’ve never felt this except for Dae Hyun. “You will be sitting next to YunHee in the back,” says the teacher and the boy begins to walk closer to me. The room falls silent and I can feel the eyes of my classmates watching him. He smoothly sits next to me and puts his bag down. The class goes back to its usual morning ways and it’s not long before I fall asleep.

         “YunHee! YunHee!” I hear my name being called as I’m shook awake. “What is it?!” I yell. As I look up and find myself lost in MinSoo’s brown eyes. “Class is over, YunHee! You’ve been asleep this whole time!” “Why do you care?” “Well~ I don’t want to leave you here.” My heart stopped for a millisecond. “You didn’t want to leave me here?” “No! Its not right! I will walk you home, Where do you live?” “Far.” “I will fallow you then.” He says, with a smile on his face~ a smile so wonderful and nice. It calms the soul; and that’s when I realized it. MinSoo, you’re beautiful. *Heart*

End // Chapter
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