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Another look at what it means to be free
A prison with no physical presence
No freedom, no independence
Only unseen bindings and ties
To keep all near and secure
Walls created with lies
Words uttered insincere

Years of building a fortress
Built with firm finesse
Solid yet undetectable
Brick and mortar hidden
No need to try to conceal
For none can see within

The prison must be destroyed
Walls crushed, now a void
Life now free and unknown
Insecurity tries to take hold
Feeling all empty and alone
Now liberated and uncontrolled

Life is now an adventure
Emotions confused and unsure
Possibilities are endless
Friends nonexistent
Days now filled with loneliness
Freedoms consequence

A person discovered within
Never seen, never been
Life born anew
An individual slowly unearthed
To thy own self be true
Never again to be ensnared

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