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Too many is not always better.
I will first establish my volleyball credentials. During a mixed pick up game back in college, a couple of the guys were razzing me about my metallic navy blue white-trimmed shorts. They were talking smack and I gave as good as I got. Then one of them yelled, “Look out the ball!”  I turned back to the game just in time to take the service right off my forehead. The perfectly aimed return eluded a back pedalling spiker and the out stretched arms of the now diving server for the side out. Imagine how good I must be when I’m paying attention.

I love sports. I like to be in the middle of the action. I hate standing around doing nothing. Pick up volleyball games at church activities were one of my biggest pet peeves. Why do people think it’s a good idea to play nine, twelve people or more to a side? I’m all for getting as many people to participate as possible but have you ever played in one of these games? I don’t find them fun at all. All you do is stand in place completely baffled at the rotation scheme and watch people blow plays.  There is only one ball and if you’re lucky you’ll get a chance to hit it once in a rare while.

One big church singles campout weekend I decided to rebel. I very vocally told everyone I thought we should play six to a side and rotate our extras in. Not many people thought it a good idea. My powers of persuasion are limited. I did convince seven other people to my point of view and we formed a team. This team challenged the winners of the game in progress. We didn’t have better talent than they did, but because we weren’t bumping into each other and had some concept of teamwork we played better. We also all felt involved. We dismantled the first three teams we faced. After that all the teams we faced played the same style as we did, six to a side. In fact that pattern held for the entire long weekend event. The court stayed busy and people had fun.

I went from pariah to popular in three games. Vindication of my ideas was very gratifying. It was fun having no trouble assembling good teams to play good volleyball for the rest of the weekend.
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