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The duo finds the secrets of the mysterious book.
What they found was astounding. The inscriptions that were inside were alien to both of them and yet they understood it in part however. It was like a telepathic comprehension. The part they did understand seemed like instructions about how to do something or directions to someplace.

Dr. Steller picked up the book and closed it. “I’m sorry but I felt I was about to faint. The book had such an overpowering strength.”

Before James could answer, a spiraling staircase appeared behind the pedestal. “I think we’re supposed to go up those stairs” The Doctor said.

They entered an archway where the staircase started and began their ascent. It wasn't long until James and Dr. Steller reached the roof of the cathedral. What they saw mystified them.

Both beheld a pyramid of blue light that glowed with the hue of the moon.It was suspended in mid air over a pool of water.

"Its... wondrous...so beautiful. I've never felt such awe and peace." said Dr. Steller transfixed.

"Me too. What's it there for? I just wish we could reach it somehow. I've never desired anything so much."

"I think the book and the pyramid are connected. They both have that strange blue light"

He quickly held out the book and opened it. The wonderful light filled their eyes. For some reason James had trouble understanding it as he did before.

"Dr. Steller. I'm having trouble understanding the book."

"Really? I wonder why? Well I’ll try to interpret as best I can." The Doctor stared inside the book in a trance and then spoke.

"The book appears to be talking about the past of The City of light. It sounds like there was a catastrophe a long time ago. It feels like the book is trying to tell me something. I think its telling about a civilization. Oh there's a warning. No wait! Its a warning given to the civilization. I can't believe it."

"What? What is it?"

"The warning was given by God!" Dr. Steller paused before continuing. "About a thousand years ago God created the perfect civilization here in the City of light."

"This is starting to sound like Sunday school Doctor."

"I know Its true, I feel like I’m witnessing a memory."

"Do you think that maybe this could all be an illusion from the lights effect?"

Doctor Steller had his focus on the book and didn't here James' comment. "It speaks of the city of light as being a middle realm between Heaven and Earth."

James then just decided to listen seeing that nothing could deter him.

"They lived in perfection until a visitor of Earth mysteriously found the City of Light. Through guile and cunning he gained their trust. He promised he would take them to a new world with things they had never seen before."

"I'm guessing he led them to Earth next right?” James said.


"But how was he able to bring them to Earth and how did he get here in the first place"

"It doesn't say. It just says that he led a small group of the inhabitants to Earth. While on our world they were corrupted and they brought this corruption back to the City of Light. Then the mysterious man had control of the whole race of beings that now were horribly sinful."

"That's when God warned the civilization to repent but they were utterly corrupted and God destroyed all that was tainted by sin which was every living being and creature in the City of Light." said James.

"Is that it?

"Apparently so. Except...how strange?"

"What there's more?" James said

"The book,its talking about us, and the pyramid!"

"What does it say?"

"It says the pyramid is a portal to Heaven and that it can only be reached by the knowledge of God."

"Now this really sounds like Raiders of the Lost Ark!"

"With all we've seen I could expect anything" said Dr. Steller. He looked at its glowing pages and a simple notion came to him. I think we're supposed to say something. Something from the book. Some type of...prayer. Come look at this."

James looked into its pages with Dr. Steller and immediately a strange speech entered their minds. IT sounded similar to Hebrew but it was mixed with enigmatic words that they didn't comprehend themselves. The prayer was inexpressively beautiful though it lasted for only several seconds.

Then the pyramid let down a multi colored, transparent ramp like a rainbow. Not a word was said and both them walked up the bridge to the pyramid and both of them stopped before going through the blue light of the pyramid and exchanged their last words.

"I wonder if anyone will find this place like we did "said James

"Who knows? Maybe this Great City will once again be inhabited."

"What do you think heaven will be like?'

"Let's find out."

Then they stepped through the portal of light into heaven and its wonders that excelled anything in The City of Light and to witness things beyond describing or imagining.

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