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Action crime novel similar characters from previous writings, federal police, espionage
”Recruit, just what in the hell do you think are you doing,” shouted range master, Sgt. Jim Edgefield. Spit from the Sergeants tirade hit Clair Davenport in the face.

“I don’t understand your question, Sergeant Edgefield,” she hesitated.

“If you shoot like that when you’re chasing some asshole in the field, there’s going to be some innocent bastard who’ll get killed. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sergeant Edgefield.”

“What are the first words to come out of your mouth recruit Davenport?”


“You’re damn right Recruit Davenport. Now, holster your weapon and give me twenty.” His face only inches from hers. The repulsive smell from old cigars, wafting from his mouth, inflamed her nostrils.

“Sir, yes sir” she snapped.

Clair was indignant and figured she had been singled out from the others, and hesitantly took up the push up position, counting aloud. “Sir one sir- sir two sir”, while pumping out her reprimand. Clair got to her feet when she completed the last push up.

“Recruit Davenport did I give you permission to recover?” screamed the Sergeant.

“Sir, no sir!” said Clair.  Oh crap, Clair thought, is he going to dish out another round of pushups for punishment?

All recruits were required to qualify in order to graduate from the Academy. Clair was no exception. She learned to shoot when she was a little girl, so guns were not a big deal. The issues she had on the range were strictly because of the range master, she just couldn’t do anything right, and not for those kinds of reasons.

Waiting for the other recruits to finish shooting, Clair asked permission to resume her position on the firing line. “This guy’s such a prick. I could out shoot him with one hand tied behind my back.”

“Permission granted recruit. Now don’t let me down again, do you understand?”

“Sir, yes sir” she replied.

Although Clair struggled during the beginning of the Academy academically, she always stood out physically.  This was her strongest asset. Clair, being a skinny gal with long legs, easily made the track team in high school. This proved to be advantageous on her first three mile run in the academy. Her beautiful blond hair, and trim figure, caught the attention of the recruiters when they interviewed her.

“Recruit Davenport how come you’re not breathing hard like all these other pathetic scumbags?” shouted the drill instructor.

“Sir, I am a runner.” Clair quipped

“Oh I see, so you think you’re better than everyone else here?”

The others staring her down as she ran. “Sir, no sir, I am not any better than the other recruits.”

“You bet you aren’t. However, to make sure you understand we will just have you wait here and rest your tired feet. The rest of your class is going to run an extra mile. How do you like that recruit?”

“Sir, no sir, I am part of this class.” Screamed Clair

The class let out a collective moan as the DI instructed her to stop and they continued. Clair knew payback was a bitch. She also had to figure a way to stay on everyone’s good side.

Clair promptly mastered the bulk of the requirements in the academy, and after a time, surpassed the other recruits  Although she had a degree in foreign commerce, studying law and criminals proved more difficult. The other recruits would often seek her out for their study groups because she was so well organized. She figured it was a fair trade off. They would help her with learning about criminal law, search and seizure and intern help them develop good study habits to help them finish the academy.

Unfortunately, one other person took particular notice of her, especially her good looks. Without a doubt, she was far better looking than the average female recruit in the FBI academy with one exception, Selena Hutchinson.

Although green with envy, Selena was not one to mix words.  She tells you like it is. If she does not like you, her candor can be definitively painful. More often than not, she has made life long enemies out of people she meets instead of friends. Selena could be such a bitch. Clair made Selena feel, different. Selena was sure it was loathing, but not like the others. There was something very different about it, kind of a fuzzy feeling in her stomach.  Selena just could not figure out.

Not only was Selena a very attractive woman, smooth olive colored skin, shoulder length black hair, but she had one up on everyone else.  Her family connections got her ass out of trouble more times than she could count. Hers were much better than Clair’s was. Selena’s family had been in Washington for over four decades.

Remembering the stories told to her about Selena Hutchinson’s father, Robert Hutchinson, Clair ran the obstacle course for the third time today wondering aloud if anything would happen. He was politically well connected. Having just accepted an appointment to Deputy Secretary U.S. Department of The Interior from his previous position as the Chief Information Officer, he passed over the Assistant Secretary, Kristin Park. Clair was fully aware that in the political arena the penchant for backstabbing was to be expected.  Although Kristin was more than adequately qualified to do the job better than Robert was, he was a shoe in. Of course, not because of his stellar abilities, no it was because of what he knew. 

Loudspeaker blaring commands over the noisy gun fire-“Cease fire, cease fire. Holster and secure your weapons” was the command from the range master. “Recruits move forward and score your targets.”

Selena’s was easy to score, as most every shot was at center mass. “Damn it.” she was short of a perfect score by just two rounds.  She could out-shoot anyone there. She watched as the others scored their targets. For the most part though Selena was only interested in watching Clair while she scored her target.

Selena turned to look the other way when Clair caught her staring at her. Right there Clair figured she would make the first move, she was the better person, but at the same time did not want to seem like she was above her.  They were equal in that they were both women, and both were top in their FBI academy class.

The welt on his face was reminder enough of her displeasure of his making a pass at her last night. It was particularly embarrassing because he did it while they were in line at the chow hall, so everyone saw what happened. “Bitch, I’ll show her I can have exactly what I want, when I want it. She or nobody else can stop me.” He had always thought of himself as a ladies man. When he started the academy, he figured it would be a great place to find a good woman. A hard drinking, rough and tumbled gal.
Robert came from a family that never showed many emotions, or readily gave out hugs and kisses to their children. He often felt neglected, pushed aside as the unwanted child. Now as times have changed, he always makes it a point to show his kids how much he loves them. Its one thing he vowed to his wife when they talked about having children that he would not ever do.

Clair had always been a daddy’s girl. From the time she was born until she left home, she had her dad wrapped tightly around her finger. Of course, he knew it, and loved it. He only had one stipulation when Clair accepted her position into the FBI.  He was emphatic that she had to call him at least once a week. This way he could monitor her and her progress.  Of course, she would not know the real reasons until much later. Clair generally called him each Friday night after she finished dinner. Sometimes it would be late, but generally, she was punctual.  Although today was slightly askew from the norm.

“Hi daddy”

“Hi honey. It’s so good to hear your voice. I miss you so much. Well how’s my big FBI girl doing down there in Quantico? Are they taking good care of you?”

“Yes dad. Everything is going just fine. Hey, I have some great news. I found out today, just so you know, I am going to finish second in our class and the tenth highest woman ever in the history of the FBI academy. ”

“Wow, that’s fantastic honey. I knew my little, oh sorry, I knew my girl could do it. I am so proud of you. Honey, this is the kind of achievement that will be a benchmark for you the rest of your career. I am very proud of you and you know your mom is too. So how’s your friend, Liz is it? Is she fairing as well as you are?”

“Oh she’s doing well too dad. Although she misses her family, they never call or write or anything. On more than one occasion, she has said she felt all alone. Her only consolation was our friendship.”

“So is everything else going well for you honey? I kind of have a sixth sense about these things you know.”

“Uh, how would you know something’s wrong?”

“Its so simple dear you don’t usually call me unless it’s Friday, so I kind of figured you have something on your mind.”

“Well, yea I hadn’t figured that, I, um, that’s part of the reason I am calling you dad. I’ve been having some real trouble with this guy. “

“Just say the…”

“No dad I didn’t call for that. It’s just, I keep telling him to back off, but he will not take no for an answer. He even brushed his hand across my ass the other day in the chow hall right in front of everyone. Of course I am sure his face still hurts from my hand, but…”

“Did anyone see this happen?”

“Unfortunately, yes, I am sure everyone saw me slap him.”

“Honey, it’s not unfortunate. I think that actually works in your favor if something else happens. Now everybody knows what an asshole this guy is. Did you report this to anyone? You know you need to report this to the OIC right away. By the way you know you’re old dad here could use some ass kicking practice.”

“My god dad is that all you think about? It sounds like the same old dad. Your only driven by macho testosterone passion. Good old blood and gut’s, isn’t that what they used to call you when you were with the bureau?”

“Wow, I haven’t heard that one in a real long time. So did you call to bust your old dad’s chops, or do you need my help?”

Well, um, not really, sorry. Yes, I do need your help. See I did not want to get into trouble over this incident before graduation dad. That’s part of why I called you. I’d like to make sure the FBI knows what happened but at the same time keep myself out of it. So do you think…?”

“Honey listen, don’t even worry about it! I will make a couple of calls as soon as we finish talking. This jackass will be packing his bags before you can get back to your dorm. It might be a good idea for you to follow up and go see the first shirt though and tell him everything you just told me.”

“No, no, you’re not listening to me, that’s not what I want. I just want them to know what he did. I don’t want him to get kicked out of the academy. I think he will actually make a good field agent someday so long as he keeps his damn hands to himself.”
“Yes dear, what ever you want. You know I only…”

“No! Damn it Dad you don’t ever listen to me! I do not want him kicked out of the program, period!”

“Ok, ok I get it I won’t have him booted. I’ll make sure they keep an eye on this guy though. As a matter of fact maybe…oh never mind.”

“Dad don’t you dare! Are you freaking kidding me? I know what you’re capable of. If this guy turns up missing you’ll bring trouble down on everyone. I just need to make sure he doesn’t try this with anyone else.”

“As you wish my dear, so what time is graduation again?”

Trent was smiling while listen in on their conversation, of course he was a little concerned. After all, Trent knew exactly who Robert Hutchinson was, and what he could have done to him, especially if he found out he was hanging around Clair while she was at the academy. No matter, it would not be long, after graduation, he would have his way. They would pay for what they did, all of them.

“I sent you and mom the invitation three weeks ago. Didn’t you guys get it?”
“Well honey, yes, yes of course I got it.”

“Dad, what do you mean you got it? Are you and mom fighting again? Oh my god please dad, at least for my graduation, could you two just agree to get along?”

“Listen honey I have to tell you something. You see your mom moved out two weeks ago. She’s moved back to her mothers’ house. Clair did you hear me?”

“Yes dad I heard you. So what happened this time? Oh let me guess, it’s the same thing it always is, right?”

“Clair, she isn’t coming back.”
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