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Fulfilling package winner in FMS Auction. Acrositc that goes green in a big way.
Earl Pablo D. Zacarias Jr.
by Steve Cope
An Acrostic in fulfillment of your auction win.

Earth day comes but once a year.
Ah but every day is so precious and dear.
Respecting the world around us is a year round play.
Learning from the wonders around us is essential today.

Please listen to the voice of the wind,
As it speaks of the ties that bend.
Buildings wrapping around trees still alive.
Lanes curving to keep in line with a crop of endives.
Oh listen to the sounds around and know we are not alone.

Dikes holding the waters at bay so the bear has no place to bemoan.

Zebras neighing and frolicking at the dock of the bay.
Airplanes buzzing the bees, and the flies looking for a place their larvae to lay.
Caressed to a stop on the tarmac strips.
Awesome vines stretch out and no one trips.
Raise the banner of Earth Day not just once a year,
In the morning, day, evening, and night give a cheer.
As God's natural wonders blossom and applaud.
See it's green all of the time, and gangs no longer maraud.

Jesus, Lord and King, please cover Earl Pablo D. Zacarias Junior this day and beyond.
Revive in us Oh Lord the appreciation and love for the earth You so wonderfully made.

Earl Pablo D. Zacarias Jr, Your Name an Acrostic speaks of the earth and a harmony that can be achieved throughout the year.  Your auction package win in the FMS Summer event will have a ripple effect for weeks to come.  Someone is helped, others are encouraged, and still another could well write the novel he/she was meant to compose. 

Earl in the English means "noble"/"reflected image."  We are created in the image of God and your name pays tribute to that wonder.
Your Scripture verse is Genesis 1:26.

Pablo in the Spanish means "small"/"great faith."  If we but have faith in the Lord the size of the mustard seed, worlds can be moved and wonders can be done for the benefit of all.
You Scripture verse is Mark 4:31-32.

Zacarias in the Hebrew means "God has remembered."/"Humble before God." 
Knowing that we are not alone, that we serve a Creator who loves us enough to provide our needs can but result in a humble and grateful heart before the Lords presence.
Your Scripture verse is Psalm 25:14.

Junior indicates that you are the offspring of another Earl Pablo D. Zacarias, and as such you are carrying on a tradition of family that began with the love between mother and father. 

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1803681-Earl-Pablo-D-Zacarias-Jr---an-Acrostic